You'll have to get by a lot of Cliff Racers and leveled Red Mountain critters to get in. Once you're in, you'll find the place divided into two sections: Outer Fortress and Hall of Torque. You'll need to do both sections.

Outer Fortress

The passageway tees just in front of the entrance. When you get to the intersection, you'll most likely get attacked by a leveled Ash Creature +2 coming from the right-hand passageway. There is a Greater Bonewalker down the passageway to the left. You'll find Dagoth Garel (an Ascended Sleeper) in a room down the left passageway and Dagoth Nilor (an Ash Ghoul) in a room off the right passageway. Both are behind closed doors, so you don't have to mess with them if you don't want to. The two passages will rejoin and enter into another room where you'll find an Ash Zombie just before the entrance to the next section.

In this section you will find some Grandmaster alchemical apparatus (calcinator and alembic), five potions, three books, a Dwemer Shield, a Dwarven Shortsword, a Dwarven Spear. There is also a dead adventurer with the usual stuff and a ton of barrels, chests and other containers.

The Hall of Torque

This section is built as a two-level square around a central chamber. The stairs to the lower level are at the other end of the section. On the upper level you will find Dagoth Felmis (an Ascended Sleeper) directly in front of you when you enter the section and a Dremora Lord guarding the stairs to the lower level.

On the lower level you will find Beldoh the Undying (a 14th level skeleton) with a Silver War Axe (90% skill), a Blood Feast Shield (steel tower shield, cast when used: Absorb Health 5-20 points per second for 10 seconds on Touch) and 200 HP (soul is 200 points); Dagoth Soler (an Ash Ghoul) and Dagoth Vemyn in the central chamber. Aside from these creatures, there is nothing in this section.

Dagoth Vemyn (30th level Ash Vampire): 300 HP/360 MP; no weapons, no armor