Vivec is the key to your destiny. In spite of all of the hoops through which you have had to jump up to this point, all paths lead here.

If you came through the Archcanon or are of high enough level with an overall rep that's high enough, Vivec will be ready to talk to you. Otherwise, you've got a long row to hoe.

Vivec proposes two things:

  1. He will end the persecution of the Dissident Priests and name you Incarnate, Nerevarine, Savior, Last Hope, and All-Around-Nice-Guy (sorry, it doesn't come with an expense account);
  2. He will offer you Wraithguard. If you do not accept or say "maybe", he ends the interview and says to come back if you change your mind.
  3. He will then ask for your oath to defeat Dagoth Ur. If you do not give it, he ends the interview and says to come back if you change your mind. If you do give your oath, you will receive the real Wraithguard, identified and activated.

This brings a couple of items about items into play. There are three versions of Wraithguard:

After those little items of business are out of the way, you can ask Vivec about anything that shows in his topics. He will generally answer freely, though he does occasionally refer you to the four documents in his "library" (the four pieces of paper on the podium at the back of the room).

You won't notice it immediately, but you get several other benefits from giving your oath to Vivec:

Vivec's suggestions on how to deal with Dagoth Ur are a bit wordy, but essentially boil down to clearing out the Ash Vampire citadels in Red Mountain, retrieving Keening and Sunder, and then going directly for Dagoth Ur.