Vivec - Short Path

Vivec is the key to your destiny. All paths to Dagoth Ur lead here at some point.

The short path runs something like this:

  1. enter the Palace, (keys or lockpicks work equally well)
  2. bust Vivec's chops,
  3. take Wraithguard, Kagrenac's Planbook and Kagrenac's Journals to Yagrum Bagarn in the Corprusarium so he can activate Wraithguard,
  4. wait one day and get Wraithguard back from Bagarn
  5. survive your first use of Wraithguard (200 plus 1-25 damage - one time only, but it's bugged as a permanent stat loss),
  6. retrieve Keening and Sunder,
  7. head for Dagoth Ur

If that's your cup of tea, here's what you're facing:

Vivec (100th level Creature): 3000 HP/10,000 MP, no weapons, no armor, all stats except Speed at 100 (Speed at 70), Combat/Magic/Stealth: 100, Soul: 1000 points

Additionally, you must get Yagrum Bagarn to REALLY like you (disposition in excess of 90 with overall rep of 20) or be REALLY impressed with you (overall rep in excess of 30).

If both Vivec and Bagarn are dead, you're hozed because no one else can activate Wraithguard for you. If you can manage a pile of Healing potions, you might still be able to complete the quest without Wraithguard, but Keening and Sunder will damage your health every second that they are equipped.