Enchanting Items

Members of the Mages Guild and Temple Julianos have access to an item-maker upon reaching the required rank.  In order to use the item-maker you need to have a couple of things.  First, you've got to have an item in which to embed a spell or spell effect. Second, you've got to have the money to pay for the enchantment.  Enchanting isn't cheap.  Plan on spending several thousand gold for minor enchantments and a small fortune for major enchantments.

Not all items can be enchanted and some items are more suitable for enchanting than others.  What you're trying to do is get the most bang (powers you want) for your bucks (money and harmful side effects).  Items have a certain "Enchantment Potential" (or EP).  Iron and steel items have the lowest EP while Daedric has the highest.  You can increase the EP of the item by adding side effects (disadvantages) to the item, but the total cannot be exceeded.

I have divided the category into several pages, each containing one chart.  Click on the category to see that chart.  Since the charts are rather large, you will get the chart in a new window.  There is still some missing information in these charts.

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