Umaril the Unfeathered

Garlas Malatar is on the coast of the Abacean Sea, a bit northwest of Anvil. If you fast-travel to Anvil or some other nearby location, all of your Knights should be waiting for you when you get to Garlas Malatar. If you go overland the whole way, it might take a while for everyone to show up.

Garlas Malatar can be entered at any time, but the button that opens the way to the other sections won't work until this quest has been activated (I haven't checked to see if if works after the questline is complete). There are a couple of Aurorans in the area that's accessible, so if you're ever in need of a couple of Daedra Hearts or enchanted Ayleid Axes, this would be a good place to get them.

If you are wearing the Relics of the Crusader, you'll have a boosted Restoration skill (13 to 33 points, depending on your level) and a cheap Shield spell (25 pts) and a cheap 50-point touch-ranged Healing spell for your fellow Knights. Remember that boosts will not allow you to cast higher levels of spells than normal, but they do make it cheaper to cast the spells that you can. So go to town on the Aurorans in the ruin. If you're not sure which way to go, follow your Knights. Since NPCs like to wade right in, you might be of more use to stand back and heal/buff while they do the heavy lifting. This avoids "friendly fire" injuries and Infamy.

In the second section, after whacking a few more Aurorans, you'll see a glowing orb on a raised platform in the middle of a big room. You'll need to run around the platform to find the stairs that will let you get to the top of it and there will be a couple of Aurorans in your way. Don't waste time. The Aurorans in the main room that are fighting your Knights will keep resurrecting until you activate the orb, which destroys it and them.

To judge by the animation, my guess is that it casts a massive "Time Stop" effect. This would mean that your upcoming fight with Umaril takes place outside of Time (I wonder what Akatosh has to say about that).

Anyway, proceed forward to enter the last section of the ruin. You'll see a round pool of liquid (water, I guess) in front of you. When you get close, a set of stone steps will rise up to the platform at the top and Umaril will come down. If you're wearing all of the Relics of the Crusader, your best weapon is probably going to be the Sword of the Crusader since it has two effects that will work on Umaril (Fire Damage and Damage Magicka). The Mace of the Crusader has the same Fire Damage effect, but since Umaril counts as a Daedra for game purposes, the "Turn Undead" effect isn't going to help much. Even playing at Normal difficulty (slider in the middle), my fights with Umaril have never been terribly long or terribly difficult. Chug a good potion of Shock resistance, buff your Fatigue and go to town on his shiny hiney.

If you're wearing the full six-piece set of Crusader Relics, you have a "Holy Aura" effect that reduces some of his stats and also reduces his Blade skill. Additionally, in the physical plane at least, he's particularly susceptible to the Sword and Mace of the Crusader through a Weakness to Fire effect (with any other weapons he has 33% Fire Resistance). With the proper tools, he should hit the floor pretty quickly. Heal up, repair your gear, retrieve his sword and any other goodies in you can find (there are a couple of Varla Stones and a couple of chests) and then cast "Blessing of Talos" (it's below the Lesser Powers on the "Self" tab of your spellbook).

You'll be transported to the area above the Imperial City where you met Pelinal Whitestrake and you can do it all again. After defeating Umaril a second time, you'll start falling. Unfortunately you fall faster than Umaril and his Sword do (Galileo never caught on in Tamriel), so you'll need to grab quickly if you'd like to have two of Umaril's swords. It's a nice, two-handed Claymore with leveled Shock and Damage Fatigue effects.

When your screen clears, you'll be back in the Undercroft of the Priory. Sir Amiel will make a little speech (which I wish had been reduced to text in the game because it never plays clearly for me), the main points of which are that the Knights of the Nine have been reborn, so the old Knights are no longer needed. Sir Amiel and his companions are headed for the hereafter, but you can still get their aid by activating their crypts. Each of the Knights (except Sir Berich) will boost one of your attributes by 5 points, but you can only have one boost at a time going and they will not push you over 100.

As soon as you leave the Undercroft, Sir Thedret will come running down to meet you. Your responses to his dialog seem to have absolutely no effect aside from moving the conversation to the next topic, so you can be as cocky or as humble as you would like regarding your fight with Umaril. Once you're done with that, he'll head outside to tell the other Knights that you're alive.

Exercise caution at this point. If you ask an NPC to join the Knights and also ask them to follow you while Sir Thedret is making his victory speech, you're stuck with them. Since they're essential, you can't kill them and, without the console, you can't make them stop following you. XBox players have had some success with unloading the plug-in and then reloading it. However this resets the entire questline and you have to go through it all again (kind of a painful way to get rid of an NPC). Oh, and is it just me or is Sir Thedret facing the wrong way while he's making his little speech?

Anyway, the Relics have all been recovered, Umaril is destroyed, the Knights of the Nine are reborn, and you are the Divine Crusader. Enjoy.