Priory of the Nine

The Priory of the Nine is down in the West Weald near the border with Elsweyr. It's between Skingrad and Bravil and there isn't really anything terribly close by that you would have gone to for any of your faction quests, so expect to do some overland hoofing. When you arrive, you'll find it laid out kind of like Weynon Priory: a Chapel, Priory and stable area. It's pretty run down and overgrown and in definite need of some fixing and patching.

You won't find much inside the Priory itself. If you have Sir Amiel's ring with you, though, activate the center of the floor to reveal a set of steps leading down to the entrance to the basement area. Down there you will find a blacksmithing area (no blacksmith yet), a training area and various containers with gear for the Knights of the Nine. You'll also find the entrance to the crypt area, which is where you need to go next.

In the crypt itself, you will see the Cuirass of the Crusader on an armor stand directly in front of you. Don't go there yet. Take a bit to explore. There are a few chests down here. Although the nine crypts look like they can be activated, nothing will happen until you complete the entire questline. After that, the crypts will boost one of your attributes by 5 points, but you can only have one boost going at a time.

After you have explored, head to the center of the room. The ghost of Sir Amiel and seven of the original Knights of the Nine will appear. Sir Amiel says that you cannot have the Cuirass until you have defeated each of them in single combat. At that point, the ghosts will attack you, one at a time. You can't run (the way back is blocked) and you can't hide, so you'll just have to slug it out with each of them in turn. They will give you a short break between each combat. During that time you can repair gear, guzzle potions or whatever you need to do, but you've got to win seven consecutive combats. On the bright side, each of the original Knights is three levels below you, except for Sir Amiel who is one level below you. On the downside, they are all Level 3, minimum, so this might be quite a fight for a very low-level character.

Once you have defeated each of the original Knights, you can claim the Cuirass of the Crusader. It, too, has a few nifty enchantments:

The same rules apply: you cannot equip the Cuirass or any of the Relics if your Infamy is 2 or more. However, unlike other enchanted items, repairing and upgrading this gear is easy. Just activate the armor stand and put all of the Relics on it. The stand will repair them and upgrade their leveled enchantments, if necessary. Personally, I think the armor stand is the neatest item Bethesda added with this plug-in. Too bad it only works for the Relics of the Crusader (I'm sure some kind modder will rectify that "oversight").

In addition to what you learned from Sir Amiel's journal (his ring is not essential anymore, by the way), each of the Knights will be able to tell you a piece of the story of the Knights of the Nine and how it fell apart. Four of them will be able to point you to other relics:

Those will be your next quests. As a slight spoiler, save the "Path of the Righteous" quest for later. You'll need one of the other Relics to complete it. For the rest, I listed them alphabetically by the quest-giver, but they can be completed in any order.

Thus far you have collected two Relics and have been pointed to four others. The Greaves of the Crusader and the Sword of the Crusader are still unknowns, but we'll get to them in due course.