Molag Bal

Location: Almost due east from Weatherleigh and southeast from Hackdirt (link goes to the Daedric Shrines Map at UESP Wiki)

Minimum Level: 17

Offering: Lion Pelt

Reward: Mace of Molag Bal

Objective: Get Melus Petilius to kill you

This is another one of those shrines that no one will tell you about, so you'll only find it by diligent wilderness exploration or from a walkthrough. It's not really near any places where you would go on other quests. But if you complete the "Separated at Birth" or "Shadow Over Hackdirt" quests in Chorral, you'll have one or two starting points. From Hackdirt, just head southeast until you see the shrine icon on your compass. Alternatively, head east from the Weatherleigh farm and you'll get there eventually.

Amir, the Redguard at the shrine, tells you that Molga Bal wants a lion's pelt for an offering. Since you're at least level 17 by this point, running into them in grassy plains areas shouldn't be a problem (they start appearing as random encounters at about level 10 or 12). Unfortunately, you aren't in grassy plains areas here, so you'll need to go hustle up a pelt elsewhere. About the only quest that I can remember where you're guaranteed a pelt is the "Rat Problem" quest, which is one of the first Fighters Guild quests in Anvil.