Location: north of Anvil, beyond and slightly northwest of Lord Drad's Estate (link goes to Daedric Shrines Map at UESP Wiki)

Minimum Level: 10 (theoretically)

Offering: Troll Fat

Reward: Volendrung

Objective: Some of Malacath's Ogres have been imprisoned by Lord Drad - free them. It's a relatively straightforward quest, with a few caveats. Your first stop is going to be either Lord Drad or Lady Drad because you need the Ogres' location marked on your map (they're in Bleak Mine, right next to the Estate). Then you'll either need to lift the key from the Drad's house or pick the lock to get in. Once you're in, a couple of courses immediately present themselves.

If you're the sneaky type, you'll already be in stealth mode when you enter (which gives you a chance of avoiding immediate combat with the Drad's guards). Then you can either pickpocket a cell key from one of the guards or use a boatload of lockpicks on the cell locks. Once you start opening cells, the guards aren't going to be very happy with you. But on the bright side, the Ogres aren't going to be very happy with the guards and will fight on your side. Malacath doesn't seem to care much if the guards kill Ogres, but he does care if you do, so watch where you're swinging.

If you prefer the more direct approach, let the guards go into combat mode and then have at them. You can get a key from one of their corpses and free the Ogres at your leisure.

No matter which approach you take, once all of the Ogres are freed, they'll pay a visit to the Drads and you can return to the shrine to collect Volendrung. You'll find the Drads out tilling their fields under the watchful eyes of their Ogre overseers. Budding alchemists might take note of the fact that the Drads have a decent variety of crops growing in their garden.