Caught In The Hunt

The most common way of picking up this quest is that you'll be approached by Ursanne Loche in the street. Other NPCs will point you to her, but more often than not, she's the one that approaches me. Her husband, Aleron is missing. He got involved with an Orc named Kirdan gro-Dragol and racked up some heft gambling debts. Aleron was supposed to have met with gro-Dragol yesterday, but he hasn't been seen since.

gro-Dragol can be found at the Lonely Suitor Lodge on the south end of town. You'll need to get his Disposition up to 60 or more before he's willing to even talk about the matter. He wants you to retrieve his father's axe from Fort Grief (out on an island in the Niben). If you don't, then Aleron won't make it home again. So go do whatever you need to do to get ready and then come back and see him. When you're prepared, say so and he'll send you to a boat behind the Warlock's Luck. Activate it to be transported out to Fort Grief.

Once you get to Fort Grief, you'll need to open the gate to get in (activate the T-bar handle near it) and there's Aleron. The gate, unfortunately, has closed behind you and you're trapped there like him. You'll need to make your way through the "Hunters Run" to retrieve keys from the three hunters to get out. Inside Fort Grief are an Imperial (equal to your level) and a Nord (two levels higher), who have keys that you need to open the second level. Once into the second level, you'll need to get a key from an Orc (three levels above yours) to open a gate that will let you retrieve the key to the gate.

Well, sort of. The key to the gate is a fake. But as soon as you step outside, Loche is going to get killed and you'll have your hands full with gro-Dragol and his Khajiit Archer buddy. It's probably easier to deal with Dragol first and the archer second, but whichever way gets you out in one piece is cool. gro-Dragol has the real key that will let you through the gate inside the fort that's blocking you from the activation lever. So once you're out and have retrieved whatever loot takes your fancy, activate the boat again to get back to Bravil. Tell Ursanne about Aleron and she'll give you Biography of the Wolf Queen, which will boost your Speechcraft.

Richard Connell's short story, "The Most Dangerous Game" (link goes to the full text of the story) has spawned a host of TV and radio adaptations, movies and the like where humans are the prey of sportsmen. It has also apparently inspired one of the devs at Bethesda as the idea behind this quest.