On to Oblivion

Welcome to Tamriel once again. It's hard to believe that it has been almost 10 years since I made an impulse buy of a new computer game at Computer City; since I first heard the fateful words, "Rest well, for tonight you sail for the kingdom of Daggerfall." It has also been almost ten years since I decided that seeing the same questions over and over again on the games forums at AOL required something more than an FAQ; almost ten years since I bought a book on HTML, fired up Notepad, wrote the words "Welcome to Tamriel" and wondered whether "The Beginners Guide to Daggerfall" might seem a little cliché as a title.

Aside from the thousands of hours of enjoyment that the Elder Scrolls games have provided, I have "met" hundreds, if not thousands, of fellow enthusiasts through email, the Elder Scrolls forums and the Usenet; and the professional skills I have developed as an indirect result of my involvement with these games have been life-changing. The Elder Scrolls series has undoubtedly been the most life-changing event of the last ten years and Daggerfall was the best impulse buy that I ever made. I doubt that Bethesda Softworks intended it that way, but I'd have to admit that I certainly got my money's worth and then some.

It has been an certainly been an interesting and eventful decade and now here we are again, with a new installment of the Elder Scrolls; a newer, beefier computer to run it; and a new challenge in putting up as much of the information as I can manage in a (you guessed it) new Beginners Guide. So, reminiscing aside, welcome back to Tamriel and welcome to the "Beginners Guide to Oblivion".

The site works well in both Firefox (should work well in Netscape, too) and Internet Explorer. If you get a horizontal scrollbar at the bottom of this frame, I'm sorry. I'm still trying to figure out why it behaves that way. Firefox fits everything into the frame with no scrollbar.