It's not like you're going to get nothing for your efforts in coming this far. Oreyn presents you with the key to the Guildmaster's Chest, which is behind the desk on the third floor. You also have a couple of (hopefully) decent swords in the display cabinets back there. Every month, the Guildmaster gets a percentage of the contracts for the month and you can collect it from the Guildmaster's Chest.

You can also give Oreyn directions on how he should handle the guild. Your first option is to focus on getting new recruits. As Oreyn explains it, guild members bring the stuff that they find, but can't use, to the guildhall with the idea that their fellow guildmembers might be able to make use of it. When you tell Oreyn to focus on recruiting new members, you'll see more stuff show up in the chest. Since it's kind of a luck of the draw thing, maybe it'll be good and maybe it'll be crud. You just won't know until it shows up in the chest.

Your second option will be to focus more on contracts. This will mean more money flowing into the Guild coffers, which means a bigger cut for you as the Guildmaster. But because it's a random roll, you might end up with just a few golds.

Your third option is to give equal attention to both recruiting and contracts. This will get you some stuff and some money.

Kind of sucky deal, in my opinion. The Archmage can get his ingredients weekly. The Grand Champion of the Arena gets his special match weekly. But the Guildmaster of the Fighters Guild only gets paid once a month? Someone call my union rep.