Fourth Contracts

You're back to Azzan and gro-Khash again. There is a major discrepancy between the Prima Guide and what I get, so let me preface all of this by emphasizing that when it comes to your staus in the guild, your milage may vary.

What is supposed to happen (according to the Prima Guide) is that the next time you talk to Azzan or gro-Khash, you're to be demoted to Defender. Oreyn has apparently been kicked out of the guild. What I got were some veiled references to Oreyn from Azzan and nothing from gro-Khash except the normal contract-type dialogues. Azzan did not tell me that Oreyn had been kicked out of the guild, but it was fairly obvious that he was no longer in good favor with the powers-that-be. Neither of them said anything to me about a demotion.

So, be that as it may, you're still in the guild and your rank may or may not have been changed. In either event, Azzan will have one contract for you and gro-Khash will have two.


The Stone of St. Alessia

Some bandits stole the Stone of St. Alessia from the Chapel in Bruma. Go talk to Cirroc and recover the stone.

When you talk to Cirroc, you'll be told that several men took the stone and fled east. So head out through the east gate and you'll find K'Sharr (the last of the thieves) down the road from Bruma. He's non-combative and tells you that he and his friends took the stone, but were attacked by Ogres. The Ogres went to Sedor, an Ayleid ruin a goodly ways east of Bruma.

Sedor is a single-level ruin with seven leveled Ogres and seven leveled containers. The stone isn't that far from the entrance, but getting to it is going to require a bit of running around. Your way to the stone is blocked by a gate that is remotely opened. The pressure plate in front of the gate actually opens another gate off in a far corner of the ruin where you can access a button that will lower the gate in front of the stone.

If you haven't had to deal with Ogres before this point, they're really big and they hit really hard. But they're also a little on the slow side and they do have a weakness to poison. Taking out the Ogres isn't that difficult (you did bring healing and repair hammers, didn't you?), but you'll need to do a lot of hoofing to get the gate open to retrieve the stone. Return it to Cirroc and he'll drop a few healing potions on you. Then you can head back to Azzan to collect your payment.

If you have finished this contract and one of gro-Khash's two contracts, Azzan will promote you to Guardian again (assuming you got demoted). If you have finished both of gro-Khash's contracts, he will promote you to Champion and tell you that Oreyn would like to talk to you. This is the last contract from Azzan. It's been nice knowing you and we'll stop in and visit the next time we're in town.

Burz gro-Khash

The Noble's Daughter

One of the funnier quests from a dialog standpoint, although not without its share of risks. Lady Rogbut is Lord Rugdumph's daughter and she has disappeared. gro-Khash has a bit of a thing for her and advises you to treat her nicely "or she'll rip your ears off". Lord Rugdumph is an Orc with an estate northeast of Cheydinhal. You may have passed it on your way to Azura's Shrine or the Temple of the Ancestor Moths (Thieves Guild) or the Lake Arrius Caverns (Main Quest). He's apparently part of the nouveau riche in Cyrodiil to judge from the way he tries to use big words that don't quite make it. Anyway, Ogres have apparently run off with his daughter while she was out collecting rocks and were headed east from his estate. So off you go.

There are actually three Ogres and they are, indeed, east of the estate and in the open. They aren't that hard to take down (be careful of Lady Rogbut - she's essential, but can get in your way). After the "fair damsel" has been rescued, escort her back to her father. She's one level higher than you and quite capable of dealing with the Ogres, but she can't carry her axe around because it wouldn't be ladylike.

Lord Rugdumph is happy to have his daughter back and rewards you with Rugdumph's Sword that has Silence (might be handy) and Absorb Speechcraft effects. Which would also go a long way toward explaining his vocabulary usage.

If you got demoted and have completed Azzan's contract, you can now get promoted to your former rank and payment from gro-Khash when you report that Lady Rogbut is safely back with her father.

Mystery at Harlun's Watch

Some residents of Harlun's Watch, a small collection of houses south of Cheydinhal, have disappeared. You're to investigate and solve the problem. Talk to Drarana Thelis to find out that residents had reported seeing some strange lights down by Swampy Cave, but the people who went to investigate haven't come back.

Swampy Cave is south of Harlun's Watch and just across the river from Vahtacen (Mages Guild). Like Bloodmayne Cave, it has two entrances: the one on the map and another one farther up the river to the west, but unmarked. If you go to the main entrance, you'll find the explanation for the strange lights: Will-o-the-Wisps. Three of them, to be precise. Dispose of them and enter the cave. There are two sections to Swampy Cave with fifteen to twenty Trolls scattered out among the sections (which would go a long way toward explaining the missing people). At the back of the first section you'll find the body of Eduard Denile and get a journal entry telling you to clear out the rest of the Trolls. They're often clumped in twos and threes, so find choke points where you'll only need to face them one at a time.

Once the caves are cleared, report back to Drarana Thelis to collect your reward (a leveled Fortify Strength/Reflect Damage ring) and then to gro-Khash for your payment. If you have also completed Azzan's contract, you'll be promoted to Champion and this will probably be the last time you'll get to hear gro-Khash call you "meat". You'll also be told to go talk to Oreyn. If you have not completed Azzan's contract, you'll need to go there.