Third Contracts

Time for more contracts. There are only two this time around, but it's still Azzan in Anvil and Burz gro-Khash in Cheydinhal.


The Wandering Scholar

Azzan wants you to help Elante of Alinor as she studies Daedra worship in Brittlerock Cave. Once again, you've got to escort someone through dangerous territory and keep them alive until they do whatever it is that they're supposed to do. And once again, you've been saddled with someone that you can't park anywhere. Elante is a mage (Sorcerer, actually, but you'd have to use the Construction Set to find that) who is slightly above your level. As such, her spell abilities are going to be pretty decent in comparison to yours, but her combat abilities are virtually non-existent (yet she carries a sword - go figure).

Brittlerock Cave is quite a ways northeast of Anvil, but is only a short distance east of Fort Sutch (where you might have closed an Oblivion Gate). Aside from possible wilderness encounters, you won't run into much on the way there and you'll find Elante just inside the entrance to the cave. The cave itself is a two-level area, but you don't need to mess with the second. It's swarming with leveled Daedra, though. Eight of them on the first level and eleven in the second. Depending on your level, you could be facing anything from Stunted Scamps to the higher level Dremora and Xivali. They aren't scattered and are usually paired up, so it's going to be difficult to take them on one at a time. And, to complicate things even more, you can't tell Elante to wait anywhere. In fact, she doesn't even follow you; you are supposed to follow her.

So, the solution to the problem seems to be not to talk to her in the first place. Just plunge in and clear the first level of the cave, then go back and activate her. She'll take the grand tour of the first level, finally deciding that she wants to stay in the shrine area near the door to the second area. I got a skill book from her, but your mileage may vary.

Report back to Azzan to collect your fee. If you've already completed gro-Khash's contract, you'll be promoted to Guardian. If not, you'll get the promotion when both contracts are done.

Burz gro-Khash

The Fugitives

There are some escaped prisoners near Bravil. Hunt them down. Even though gro-Khash says that you might get lucky and have them surrender, don't hold your breath. Aside from those two pieces of info ("escaped prisoners" and "Bravil"), gro-Khash doesn't give you anything else to go on, so you'll need to head for Bravil and pick up the rest of the info on your own.

Any NPC can help you, but first you'll need to get their Disposition above 60. If your Fame is high enough, you'll already be there. Otherwise Bribery, Persuasion or Charm spells are in order. Your source will be able to tell you that the escaped prisoners are in Bloodmayne Cave (a little way west of Bravil), but you didn't hear it from them. Thieves Guild members will be able to pick up some additional info if you talk to S'krivva (definitely) or another guild member (possibly - I didn't talk to all of them): the fact that there are four of them, that they are murderers and their names. I was rather surprised to find that the Thieves Guild could furnish this info, but the town guards could only tell me where they were.

Bloodmayne Cave is pretty easy to find, but it's a little odd in that it has two entrances (one for each of its two levels). The second entrance is not on the map, but your compass pointer will change from one green marker to two red ones as soon as you get to the main entrance. I don't know that finding the second entrance will be particularly helpful, but it might be.

Your four prisoners are scattered throughout the cave's two levels; two in the first section and two in the second. They are leveled NPCs with three of them (Ashanta, Hlofgar and Dreet-Lai) being one level above yours and Enrion being three higher (and with an enchanted weapon, too). Their being scattered makes them pretty easy to pick off if you're a "snipe from the shadows" kind of player. Otherwise, it means that you'll only have one-on-one combats. Ashanta and Hlofgar are melee types with appropriate weapons and skills, Dreet-Lai is an Argonian assassin, and Enrion is a High-Elf mage.

Take care of business, collect whatever appropriate loot might be around and then head back to gro-Khash for your payment and promotion (unless you haven't done Azzan's contract). Now it's back to Modryn Oreyn for more duties.