Whispers of Death (Epilogue)

You're back in the Cheydinhal Sanctuary and everything is pretty much back as it was (minus your former guildmates, who are kneeling before Sithis or somesuch). Arquen has some instructions for you, so speak to her. She'll tell you that you need to visit the statue of the Lucky Old Lady in Bravil once per week to receive contracts from the Night Mother. You should then return to her to tell her about the contracts and collect your share of the weekly earnings. Strictly speaking, this is not necessary unless you want to pick up a few extra golds. There is absolutely no penalty for not visiting the statue.

All of the contracts that the Night Mother gives you are outside of Cyrodiil, so your whole function is going to be to collect your weekly gold. The Sanctuary is still available to you, as it was before, so you have a place to rest. Eventually you will find three Dark Murderers wandering the corridors. You can have any one them come with you, if you wish and they should respawn in the Sanctuary if you manage to get them get killed. If stealth is your thing, they should suit you better than the Mages of the Arcane University or the Arena's Fanboy - they have a stealth mode that the others do not.