A Kiss Before Dying

Is it just me or do your orders seem to be sounding more frantic? Your next job is another straightforward hit. A Wood Elf named Ungolim, who lives in Bravil. Ungolim seems to have the hots for a married woman (no indication of whether it's mutual or not) and her husband has hired the Dark Brotherhood to remove any possible competition. He spends his days securely locked inside his house and his nights praying to the statue of the Lucky Old Lady. Perhaps he wants to get lucky?

If you're of a mind to, you can activate the statue for a 1000-minute blessing that boosts your Luck by 10 points. You might need it.

Ungolim suspects that someone is after him and, like J'Ghasta, has bribed the guards to look the other way. He's easy to take down if you're good with a bow or spells, but more difficult with a melee weapon. He's 15 levels higher than you and has decent Sneak skill, along with Marksman, Security, Acrobatics, and Light Armor. His Blade is only middlin' but still pretty good. Does any of this sound familiar?

Once he's toast, you get an immediate visit from Lachance, who just kind of appears in front of you. He's a bit longer and louder about it, but it boils down to "Why have you betrayed me and the Dark Brotherhood?" It doesn't matter how you answer, you'll get the same response from all topics.

Your first two dead drop missions went exactly as planned. But since you killed the Draconis family, you haven't been picking up your orders and have been systematically eliminating Speakers of the Black Hand and their Silencers. Ungolim was the Listener himself. The surviving members of the Black Hand believe you were only following orders, but they think they were Lachance's orders, so he's on the run. You've got to find out what has been going on and report back to Lachance. Fort Farragut won't work, so he'll wait for you at the Applewatch farm.

Start with the barrel in Anvil where you are supposed to pick up your gold and next set of orders.