Removing Spells from Your Spellbook

One would think that Bethesda would have provided a way to remove spells from your spellbook. After all, one does not really need a 5-point Fire Ball spell when one has a 10-point spell available. But noooo. Once a spell is in your spellbook, it's there permanently. Jared, one of the users on the game forums, has come up with a way to get rid of them. It's not pretty, but it does work. I expect that all of this will become unnecessary after the patch is released, but for now this is the only known way. XBox users are kind of out in the cold.

The full message with all replies is at:

Run Oblivion and load up your character.
Hit the tilde key (above TAB and to the left of the number 1 key).
Type into that advlevel. After that close oblivion, making sure not to save your file. Now find the LevelupData_1 file.
You'll have to go to the oblivion root file its at
Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion
Now look for a text file in that folder that should be called LevelUpData_1.
The information in here even though its in plain txt might be somewhat confusing. But this is all you need to now. I'll use my levelupdata file as a example.

Administrator Jared Dark Elf Battlemage The Mage 21 Destruction
Thats the information thats stored each time your character levels up.It follows these same pattern,of course it'll look different for you.If you never deleted these file you should have all of your information from level 2 and up, see after my sign which is the mage it than shows the level you gained. Just remember to go to the bottom of the list of the file until you find the last level up you did. In these case I used it to go to level 21 After that look down the list and you'll see information that'll look something like these,of course it'll look different for you but these is just a example.

Flash Bolt (000A97E0),Flare (000A97DF),Eyes of Eventide (000A982F),Electric Shell (000A982A)

The first is the spells name followed by the spellid, these part which is clearly for the first one 000A97E0 that is what you want to write down, or whatever you have to do to remember it.

Run Oblivion and load up your character.
Now hit the tilde key (above TAB and to the left of the number 1 key)
OK now click on your character (you will need to be in third-person view to do this) your characters name and some other info should display in the top of your screen. Now type "removespell" followed by the number(s) of the spells you wrote down. example: removespell 000A97E0 then push enter and repeat until all the spells you want deleted are gone.

(My Note: rather than going to third-person view and clicking on yourself, you should be able to use the command, "player.removespell" [without the quotes, of course] and the spell's Hex ID number)

Enjoy a much more manageable spell book.
A nice thing about these is you can get rid of any spells custom and standard ones alike.