Mission to Vivec

Well, my young Apprentice, the time has come to see how well you can do with the spy game. Cosades has a mission for you that requires some brains rather than brawn. Although you CAN complete this mission by stomping on the problems, you're actually supposed to talk your way out of them.

Cosades has three informants that he wants you to contact for more information on the Neverarine and Sixth House cults:

Additionally, he gives you 200 golds for bribes and expenses. As far as your Journal is concerned, these are three separate missions. As far as Cosades is concerned, they are one mission. I'm going to treat them as three separate missions for simplicity.

Oh, and if you have killed any of these people before doing this quest, you're hozed. Cosades will kick you out, slam the door in your face, and you're back to looking for a work-around for the Main Quest. You can kill any of them AFTER doing this quest (well, except Mehra Milo -- you'll need her again)


Cosades tells you that you can find Addhiranirr in the St. Olms canton in Vivec. Finding her is simply a matter of asking around about where she is until you find the right person. In this case, the right person will be at the bottom (literally). Go down to the Canalworks section and start asking around. There should be only two or three people down there, so finding the right one should be a piece of cake. You'll be told that Addhiranirr is in the Underworks section, so drop down and have a look-see.

You'll find Addhiranirr (9th level Thief, 76 HP, Steel Wakizashi [52% skill], and some Leather Armor) down at the end of one of the sewer canals. She's another one of those "nothing for nothing" people who has a little problem that she wants you to take care of. It seems there is this Census and Excise Agent (Duvianus Platorius) sniffing around and she would like for you to get rid of him. He's up in the St. Olms Waistworks and not too difficult to find. You have three options:

Once you have taken care of the taxman, go back to Addhiranirr and she'll tell you that the Sixth House is involved in smuggling, but she doesn't know what they are smuggling. She can be a good source for little tidbits related to Vivec-area side quests, so it might be a good idea to leave her in one piece.

There isn't much else in the Underworks except:

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Cosades tells you that you can find Huleeya in the Black Shalk Cornerclub in the Lower Waistworks of the Foreign Quarter in Vivec and that's exactly where he is.

He's the only Argonian in the place, so he's not hard to find. And Huleeya would just love to talk to you (what a refreshing change). Except that he'd rather do it someplace quiet and there are these three tough-guys who won't let him leave and would you be so kind as to take care of that little problem (not such a refreshing change after all).

You can either sweet-talk your way out of it (talking to any of the bad guys will take care of it for all three) or fight your way out of it. Keep in mind that if you decide to fight, Huleeya will join in and there's a decent chance that he'll get himself killed in the process. Bad guys:

All three belong to House Hlaalu, so killing them will probably have an effect on your rep with that faction. You'll need to get one of their dispositions up to 60 in order to leave without a fight.

Whichever way you decide to go with it, once the little problem is solved, talk to Huleeya again. He'll tell you that he'll talk to you at Jobasha's Rare Books. So off you go. Once you are inside the door, Huleeya will thank you and you can start asking your questions. He doesn't know much about the Sixth House, but can tell you a bit about the Nerevarine and Nerevarine Cult and will give you some notes to give to Cosades. After this point he wanders around Jobasha's (which makes for some interesting traffic patterns as there is also a guard that wanders in pretty much the same path).

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Mehra Milo

Cosades tells you that you can find Mehra Milo in the libraries of the Hall of Wisdom and Justice. Easier said than done, but she's not too hard to find.

She doesn't want to be seen talking to you in public, so she suggests that you follow her to the back of the library (how nice -- no one to fight or sweet-talk). Just follow her to the back and she'll tell you about Nerevarine Cult and suggest that you pick up a copy of "Progress of Truth" for Cosades. She'll also have a little information for you on the Dissident Priests.

Well, perhaps "suggest" is too mild -- Cosades will not consider your mission complete until you give him a copy. There are five copies in the game. Jobasha's copy is the easiest to get, though it will cost you. There is also a copy in one of the bookshelves in the library and another in the Temple's Secret Library (avoiding the Guards' notice can be problematic at low levels), one in the Telvanni Tower (Plaza level of the Telvanni Canton), and one in Arelas' House in Tel Urvirith. If you decide to purchase the book, be prepared to fork over a couple of hundred golds (there went Cosades' money, plus a little).

Report back to Cosades with Huleeya's notes and "Progress of Truth" in your inventory. His disposition will rise by 10, he'll promote you to Journeyman, give you 200 golds and tell you to check back when you're rested and ready for new orders.

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