Molag Mar Temple: Tharer Rotheloth's Quests

Molag Mar is east-southeast of Suran and north-northwest of Tal Branora and looks like one of Vivec's cantons. It sits on the border between the Azura's Coast and Molag Amur regions. It is accessible both by boat and Silt Stider, so it's a fairly convenient transportation hub. Redoran is the only other faction with a major presence in Molag Mar, but no quest-givers.

Cure Lette

Lette is a Redguard in Tel Mora who has Swamp Fever. Your job is to cure her. Take the boat to Tel Branora, then to Sadrith Mora, then to Tel Mora. Lette is north of where the boat drops you at Tel Mora, near a little boat on the water. Swamp Fever is a common ailment, so offer her a Cure Common Disease potion or use a spell, such a "Vivec's Touch".

Return to Rotheloth and receive a bit of heresy in the form of 2920, Rain's Hand (a Restoration Skillbook).

Mt. Kand Pilgrimage

Time to make a(nother) pilgrimage. This time to Mt. Kand. Rotheloth recommends reading the "Yellow Book of Riddles" before going. When you're ready, head north past the Silt Strider platform and follow the foyada. Continue north where it forks and the Mt. Kand Shrine is on the left where the foyada turns north again.

There are three Daedra inside (Fire, Frost and Storm Atronachs). Each one has a riddle for you. If you answer it correctly, they will let you pass, but you must fight them if you answer incorrectly.

The Fire Atronach has a poetic riddle: "A metal neither black nor red/ As hheavy as man's golden greed/ What you do to ssstay ahead/ with fffriend or arrow or sssteed." Since the meaning of the word changes, you're looking for a homograph (same spelling, different meanings): lead.

The Frost Atronach has a logic problem: "If you lie to me, I will slay you with my sword. If you tell me the truth, I will slay you with a spell." The answer is to create a paradox and say "You will slay me with a sword". If he slays you with the sword, then you told the truth.

The Storm Atronach has another logic problem: "An atronach is dead. The Altmer says the Dunmer did it. The Dunmer says the Khajiit did it. The Khajiit says the Dunmer lies. The Orc swears he didn't do it. If only one of them is telling the truth, who killed the atronach?" The correct answer is "the Orc" because any other answer requires more than one person to be telling the truth.

Now comes the tricky part and it depends on whether you used those Night-Eye potions that Rotheloth gave you. If you did not, then you'll probably see that there is a tunnel in the back left corner hiding behind a stalactite. If you have a powerful Night-Eye effect going, you'll probably miss it and spend quite a bit of time looking for the trilith. Once you find the tunnel, however, head for the trilith, collect your blessing and return to Rotheloth.

The blessing is your only reward for completing the quest. You don't even get faction rep and disposition boosts out of it.

Slay the Necromancer

You need to "bring justice" to Delvam Andarys in his lair at Malawia. Andarys is a real necromancer, so it's probably necessary. Malawia is down the river from Molag Mar, on the first island to the east. Stay on the east side of the river and it will be easier to find (it's the Velothi dome). The entrance is on the south side of that island.

Andarys has quite a few little nasties running around loose on the premises. Two of them are locked in a cell, but you'll need to evade or kill the remainder. Taking out Andarys himself is fairly strightforward, too. He's got an enchanted weapon and ring, plus there are lots of books (no skillbooks, though), almost all dealing with undead in one form or another.

You get no reward other than your faction rep, but the 20 points of disposition is supposed to make up for getting stiffed on the last quest, I guess.

Kill Raxle Berne

You must be Rank 6 (Curate) before you can get this quest. If you are less than Level 15, Rotheloth will suggest practicing on lesser evils before going after the big one, but you can still take the quest.

He loads you up with stuff for hunting Vampires: Warden's Ring, Belt of Balyna's Soothing Balm, and Veloth's Judgment (a Daedric Warhammer) and sends you after Raxle Berne, the leader of the Berne vampire clan. They're holed up in Galon Daeus (you might remember this place from a couple of Telvanni and Mages Guild quests). In addition, I'd recommend taking lots of healing, lots of Restore Magicka, and a couple of Cure Common Disease potions or scrolls (just in case you get infected and don't want to walk on the dark side). Galom Daeus is west-southwest from Urvith's Grave (if you've progressed far enough in House Telvanni, your stronghold is there). It's not a walk in the park (we're talking vampires, here), but it's not too hard to take them down.

When you report back, you get to keep the gear, you get 10 points of faction rep (which makes up for getting stiffed earlier), 20 points of disposition (which is about useless because this is his last quest), and +1 to your overall rep.

If you have killed Raxle Berne before being given this quest, you'll still get the gear (Saint's Shield instead of Balyna's Belt) and the rest of the boosts.