Endryn Llethan's Quests

Endryn Llethan is in the eastern portion of the High Fane in the Temple Canton in Vivec (use the left door as you face the Temple with the rest of Vivec behind you). He's not only in charge of the day-to-day stuff of the Temple, but also seems to act as Archcanon Saryoni's personal door-keeper. His quests kind of run the gammut and it's quite possible that you have dealt with a couple of them while exploring or pursuing errands for other factions (you already did that? How cool. Have some goodies).

Get Thee to a Corprusarium

Tanusea Veloth is a holy pilgrim, but has caught the "Divine Disease" (commonly called Corprus). Being protected by Almalexia, she is not showing symptoms, but she's insisting on preaching to people and might be contagious. You're to convince her to go to the Corprusarium.

You'll find her in the Arena Pit section of the Arena Canton (you come here to fight Trebonius [Mages Guild] or Venim [House Redoran and/or the Main Quest] at some point). You'll need one of three things to convince her to leave:

Report back to Llethan to get your reward (a Potion of Cure Blight Disease).

Shut Your Pie Hole and Go

Llethan isn't quite that emphatic about it, but he'd like you to take a vow of Silence and complete a pilgrimage to the Sanctus Shrine (it's at the far northern end of the map, on the island just west of Dagon Fel). The vow of silence means that you cannot talk to anyone for any reason. This immediately eliminates fast travel (other than Propylon Chambers), but if the Dreamers are out there for the Sixth House, they force conversations when you get close them, which might ruin things for you. It does not, however, limit your use of spells and items.

If you'd like to make this as simple as possible, you need a "Mark" and "Recall" spell (there are a couple of items and potions that will do the same thing). Rather than take the vow of silence, choose to wait. Now hightail it to the Sanctus Shrine by whatever means you'd like and cast "Mark" right in front of the trilith outside the shack. Return to Llethan, accept the quest (take the vow of silence), and cast "Recall". Activate the shrine and you're done. You can use Almsivi Intervention to get to the nearest Temple (Maar Gan, I think), then take the Silt Strider back to Vivec and use Almsivi Intervention again to get back to the Vivec Temple.

A second method, though not as fast, is to donate a standard Rising Force potion to the shrine outside the temple, get your super-long Levitate, and make a bee-line for the shrine, keeping enough altitude to avoid being detected by the Cliff Racers. It's not fast, but it will do the job.

A third alternative is to do it legitimately. For my money, that would be running up the Bitter Coast and West Gash to somewhere near Khuul (avoiding many of the ever-annoying Cliff Racers the populate the more direct route), and from there across to the Sheogorad region and the shrine.

If you enter the shack, you'll find the manuscript for Saryoni's Sermons in the chest in the back corner. It's the most valuable book in the game (base value 50,000 gold), but getting caught taking it will get you booted from the Temple.

If you made it to the shrine without breaking your vow, your reward is four skill books: Silence (Illusion), Four Suitors of Benitah (Restoration), 36 Lessons of Vivec, Sermon 9 (Blunt Weapon) and 36 Lessons of Vivec, Sermon 27 (Speechcraft). If you broke your vow, you get squat.

Shoes of St. Rilms

You need to be Rank 6 (Curate) to get this quest. You need to retrieve the Shoes of St. Rilms, which are in the depths of Ald Sotha (a Daedric ruin, northeast of Vivec). You come here for one of the later Morag Tong quests to kill the leader (and pick up a few Sanguine items), so you might have already retrieved them. Although my preference is to leave nothing standing, you don't need to kill anything for the quest, just retrieve the Shoes.

The entrance to the shrine is down by the water on the south side of the ruins. The Shoes are in a chest directly behind the statue in the Shrine section. Don't confuse this with the two chests on the floor behind the statue's pedestal. The chest is directly behind the statue and sitting on the pedestal. It has a 50-point lock on it, so bring picks or an Open spell.

If you are a low-level character and your Alchemy is up to it, some Invisibility might be your best bet. You're completely undetectable while invisible, but it dissipates when you activate anything. So chug a potion when you enter the first section (run to the next section), chug a potion when you enter the second section (run to the Shrine), chug a potion when you enter the Shrine (run to the chest), open the chest (Invisibility dissipates), take the shoes and Almsivi Intervention back to the Temple.

The Shoes have a Constant Effect Fortify Personality and Fortify Endurance (5-points for each). When you turn them over, they aren't gone for good. When you reach the rank of Patriarch, you may ask to examine them and he will give them back to you. Aside from the gear that he gave you at the beginning of the quest, your reward for completing the quest is only the goodwill of the Temple (+5 faction rep) and some extra disposition for him (+15).

Eliminate the Foul Cult under St. Delyn Canton

You must be Rank 6 (Curate) to get this quest. Llethan wants you to eliminate a Daedric cult that meets under the St. Delyn Canton at the Ihinipalit shrine. You really don't have to kill everyone (just Bjadmund, the bald guy with the axe), but they'll all be hostile, so you'll probably have to. If you have progressed to the later stages of the Moran Tong questline, you might have already done this since there are several Sanguine items needed for the Threads of the Webspinner quests.

The shrine is access either through trapdoors in the Canalworks section of the St. Delyn Canton or by the sewer exits in Vivec's main canals around the canton. As soon as he detects you, the guard at the door will go hostile and attack. You might be able to lead him to the farther corner of the section, exit, and then return by the diagonally opposite trapdoor or sewer. That should leave him stranded away from the door and (hopefully) you'll come back outside of his detection range. But that doesn't do anything for the folks inside. It just gets you into the shrine healthier than you might otherwise have been.

Kill the people inside the shrine (collect any Sanguine items for your own use or for the Morag Tong) and report back to Llethan. He has goodies for you this time: an Ancestral Wisdom Staff (fortify Conjuration 10 points for 100 seconds and Summon Ancestral Ghost for 100 seconds on  use).

Llethan will have no quests after this point, although you will need to talk to him again when you're ready to be promoted to Archcannon and when it's time to talk to Saryoni as part of the Main Quest.