Telvanni Faction Quests

There are six quest-givers for House Telvanni that do not require a particular rank before they will give you a quest. Five of them are in the Telvanni Council Chambers (they are the Mouths for the council members, but they are removed from the game when you kill their patron, so they may not all be here) and one is in Gnisis. This makes it a fairly simple matter to get your faction reputation up to reasonable levels without too much fuss and bother.

Most of these early "chores" involve getting items. So if you'd like to make your job a little easier, you can collect a few things before starting. You will need:

Baladas Demnevanni


Demnevanni wants a copy of "Nchunak's Fire and Faith", "Antecedents of Dwemer Law" and "Chronicles of Nchuleft". If you did the prep work that I recommended at the outset, you'll already have them and it will just be a matter of getting the quest and turning over the goodies. If not, go back and read their locations and get them.

Your reward for turning them over will be 10 points of disposition boost for each, 5 points of faction rep for each and four enchanted items ("Ondussi's Key", "Amulet of Admonition", "Second Barrier Belt" and "Surefeet").

Dahrk Mezalf

You must be Rank 5 (Mouth) or higher to get this quest. Demnevanni tells you that he'd like the Ring of Dark Mezalf, who is sometimes known as "Mezalf Bthungthumz", probably meaning he was from Bthungthumz. To get to Bthungthumz, go east from the Silt Strider at Maar Gan and then north toward the foyada. Take the Foyada Bani-Dad northwest and you'll see Bthungthumz on the right (it's a bit past the Velothi house about halfway to the cut-off to the Urshilaku Ashlander camp for the Main Quest).

Bthungthumz is pretty small and very linear. Dahrk Mezalf is in the end room (of course) and there are eight leveled Dwemer critters to deal with on the way. Mezalf has 20% spell reflection and the usual assortment of ghostly curses and spells and immunity to normal weapons. His soul can be trapped for 400 points, though (take a Grand Soul Gem), and don't foget his ring.

Your reward is a Ring of Lightning Storm, a 10-point faction rep boost, 20 points to Demnevanni's disposition (which should be stratospheric by now), +1 to your overall reputation, and Demnevanni's Centurion Sphere as a constant companion (assuming you didn't kill it earlier).

Arara Uvulas

Sload Soap

She gives you 500 gold, you give her the five portions of Sload Soap. If you didn't bring it, you can buy it from Anis Seloth in town. Your reward is that you get to keep the change and you get the usual disposition and faction rep boosts. Neloth's disposition also goes up 20 points.

Staff of Silver Dawn

Hop on over to the Mages Guild and talk to Arielle Phiencel, who will sell it to you. She gives you a Glass Jinkblade, offers to teach you a "Blind" spell and you get the usual disposition and faction rep boosts.

Raven Omayn


You give him the Muck, he gives you 100 gold and will offer to teach you the "Cure Common Disease" spell. If you didn't bring the Muck with you, you can buy it from Anis Seloth in town or go hunt it down on the other side of Vvardenfell.

Black Jinx Ring

Raven sends you out looking for the Black Jinx ring and doesn't tell you much more other than that it's somewhere in Sadrith Mora. So start sucking up to the locals (who should like you or at least be indifferent to you since you're Telvanni) to be directed to the Morag Tong guildhall.

The only person in the guildhall who even has it as a conversation topic is Alven Salas. You have a few options on getting it from him:

Give the ring to Raven and he'll offer to teach you the "Demoralize Creature" and "Demoralize Humanoid" spells.

Galos Mathendis

Message for Divayth Fyr

Deliver a coded message to Divayth Fyr at Tel Fyr and bring back his reply. Tel Fyr is almost directly southwest of Sadrith Mora. You can get there by swimming (or Water Walking) or Levitating. Divayth Fyr likes his privacy, it seems. There is a boat that will return you to Sadrith Mora form Tel Fyr, but nothing that will take you to Tel Fyr.

You might have come here for a couple of other quests (including the Corprus Cure portion of the Main Quest). If not, hang a right after entering, proceed into the next section and then Levitate through the hole in the ceiling to get to Fyr. Fyr will accept the message and give you one to bring back.

 Deliver the message to Galos, who will give you 500 gold. Your reward also includes a 10-point boost to Aryon's disposition as well as the usual quest-giver disposition and faction rep boosts.

The messages are written in Daedric characters and don't make any sense, even when converted to English. But it seems a couple of French guys broke the code. Aryon's decoded message and Fyr's decoded reply were posted over at the Imperial Library in June 2010. One of Aryon's quests makes sense now in light of Fyr's reply.

Cure Blight Potions

Deliver three "Cure Blight" potions to Andil in Tel Vos. If you didn't bring any with you, you can steal three without traveling huge distances. There is one on a bookshelf in the bottom room of the Council House Entry section and another on a bookshelf in the bottom of the Chambers section and one in the Services Tower of Tel Vos on the table in front of Milar Maryon. Also, Pierette Rostorard (the Apothecary in Sadrith Mora) always has three in-stock.

Return to Galos for your 500 golds and the usual disposition and faction rep boosts (none for Aryon this time).

Daedra Skin

Aryon would like a hunk of Daedra Skin. If you didn't bring one with you, buy it from Anis Seloth in town. You might go hunting for it (Clanfears and Daedroths drop it as as loot), but that would depend on your level. There are also a couple of ones that you can steal without having to travel too far. Urtiso Favron has one in his residence in  Sadrith Mora. There is also one in the Services Tower of Tel Vos (it's on a bookshelf just inside the doorway to the upper walkway), but there is a guard nearby.

Aryon will pay you 300 gold and offer to teach you the "Paralysis" spell, along with the usual disposition and faction rep boosts.

Find a Patron

When you are ready to be promoted to Mouth (Rank 5), you'll be told that you need to find a patron. Galos says that Aryon might be willing to sponsor you (which would let Galos get back to his studies). He's right. Aryon is the only one of the Telvanni counselors who is willing to sponsor you. So hop on over to Tel Vos and talk to Aryon. Go talk to the other counselors first, if you're of a mind to (most will have a quest or two for you), but you'll end up with Aryon regardless.

Mallam Ryon

Questions for Baladas Demnevanni

Archmagister Gothren has three questions for Baladas Demnivanni at Arvs-Drelen in Gnisis. You're to ask about the Disappearance of the Dwarves, Dwemer Artifacts and the Dwemer language.

The easiest way to get there is to take the Silt Strider from Ald'ruhn, Khuul or Maar Gan. Gothren doesn't particularly care about the answers, he just wants you to ask the questions. Translation: check up on Demnevanni.

Demnevanni isn't difficult to find. Arvs-Drelen is inside Gnisis. He does have a few critters wandering around his house, though, so don't expect to just walk in and ask him.

Demnevanni's answers are going to depend on how well he likes you and will also determine your reward for the quest. So the key here is to get his disposition up before asking them. There are a few ways to do it, but the easiest is to understand that Demnevanni is also one of the six early quest-givers. If you bring the three books that he wants and dispose of that quest, you shouldn't have to do much more than ask to get answers that only another Dwemer scholar and mage could understand. Bribery, Speechcraft, Charm and good old Telvanni Bug Musk will also do the job.

If you get his disposition to 70 or more, he'll give you extensive answers to the three questions, some of which might actually make sense. Anything less than 70 gets you so-so or even snide answers. This should also be a clue that Demnevanni could be the solution to Trebonius' quest for the Mages Guild (he is, given the proper resources).

When you return to Ryon, you'll get the usual disposition and faction rep boosts (nothing from Gothren, though), no matter what the answers were. But if you got the extensive answers, you'll also get three "Messenger" scrolls (Summon Scamp for 60 seconds). Ryon seems to give Gothren's reason for the quest: the old boy is still alive.

Dwemer Plans

Gothren wants you to go to the Dwemer ruin, Nchuleft, and bring back any plans or blueprints that you might find there.

Nchuleft is directly west of Tel Vos, at the western edge of the Grazelands. It's a relatively small place (2 rooms). Hang a left at the first passage and the plans are on a bookshelf in the room at the end. There are five leveled Dwemer critters in there. Two are two levels below yours, two are at your level and one is two levels above. You can pick up a copy of "The Chronicles of Nchuleft" (a bit late now, don't you think?). There is also a chest with some random Dwarven loot and fifteen Dwarven barrels if you're in the mood for some heavy ingredients.

Report back for the usual disposition and faction rep boosts, as well as Gothren's "Cephalopod Helm" (casts "Bound Helm" and "Summon Dremora", both with a 120 second duration).

Felisa Ulessen

A Skirt for Therana

Felisa offers you 1000 gold to deliver a new skirt for Therana at Tel Branora. If you follow up on that conversation, She'll tell you that Therana can be a bit difficult at times and gives you a couple of Almsivi Intervention scrolls. This should be setting off the warning bells for you. If you're supposed to simply deliver something and are getting twice the usual fee and some Get-Out-of-Dodge scrolls to help with it, "difficult" might be the understatement of the decade.

Tel Branora is accessible by boat from Sadrith Mora. You'll need to be able to levitate to get to Therana in the Upper Tower, though.

When you talk to Therana about "new clothes", she wants you to put them on to prove they're not cursed or something. The fly in the ointment is that Therana goes ballistic on whoever is wearing her clothes. That can be either you (hence the Intervention scrolls) or the poor Khajiit slave in the room with her (Ra'Zahr lasts about one second, so at least it's quick).

Whatever your choice (assuming you don't kill Therana), your reward from Felisa is 500 gold and she will teach you "Mark" and "Recall", plus the usual disposition and faction rep boosts (nothing for Therana, though).

Slave Revolt

There is a slave revolt in the Abebaal Egg Mine (it's on the north end of the island northwest of Tel Branora) and Felisa would like you to deal with it.

The leader of the revolt is an Argonian named Eleedal-Lei. The mine is very linear, so it's hard to get lost, and Eleedal-Lei is about three-fourths of the way to the end. You basically have two options for dealing with this. You can either kill him (the other slaves will not take kindly to this, so you'll probably have to kill them, too) or free him.

If you decide to free him, you will need the key to unlock his Slave Bracer. There are three keys to do this. The closest is in a crate at the back of the mine, next to the Kwama Queen. Therana has one in her possession that can be pick-pocketed. The third is on a desk in the Lower Tower at Tel Branora. Although there are only six slaves in the mine, freeing Eleedal-Lei increments your freed slave counter by 10 for the Twin Lamps quests.

When you return to Felisa, there are three possible rewards (you get disposition, faction rep and +1 to your overall reputation for any outcome):

Master Aryon

Recruit Baladas Demnevanni

You must be Rank 4 (Lawman) and ready for promotion to Rank 5 (Mouth) to get this quest. You need a patron for promotion and Aryon is willing to sponsor you if you can recruit Baladas Demnevanni in Gnisis to join the Telvanni Council.

If you have been following my advice about sucking up to Demnevanni, he will already be putty in your hands and it will just be a matter of hopping over to Gnisis to ask him.

If you have not been following my advice, he will agree to join the council if you will go fetch those three books for him (go back up to read the quest description).

When Demnevanni agrees to join, a new Mouth (Enar Releth) will appear on the empty stand in the Council Chambers and Galos will disappear from the Council Chambers. You'll receive a "Staff of Peace" (which you'll need later - don't lose it), Aryon's disposition will go up 20 points, you'll get your 5 points of faction rep and you should have received a +1 to your overall rep when you gave the books to Demnevanni. You're exempted from having to stand in the Council Chambers.

Cure Blighted Queen

Your next task is fairly simple: cure the Kwama Queen in the Mudan-Mul Eggmine of Blight Disease. Unlike the normal "Cure Blight Disease" spell (which only affects you), you'll need a Targeted spell to complete this quest. Touch-ranged spells, such as "Vivec's Kiss" will not work. Aryon will offer to teach you such a spell ("Aryon's Blight Cure") or recommend buying scrolls from Hetman Abelmawia in Gnisis.

The entrance to the mine is a short distance due west of Tel Vos or it can be reached by going through the Tel Vos Jail and turning right when you enter the Tel Vos Dungeons.

Whichever route you choose to go, get over to the Eggmine and cure the queen. Although she should respawn in a few days, you should not kill her. Just cast the spell and get back to Aryon. Your reward is disposition and faction rep increases and he'll give you an Alteration skill book ("Breathing Water"). You might have already read it since it's available in a few other places (Sirlonwe's chest, most notably), so it may or may not be useful, but you can always sell it.

Learn Some Spells

Aryon wants you to know some basic wizardly spells. If you have not already learned them (purchased, not created through the Spellmaker), you need a Levitate spell, a Recall spell, and a fire-based spell such as Fireball, Greater Fireball or Fire Storm. Note that he does not require that you be able to successfully cast them; only that you have them in your spellbook. Any or all can be puchased from the Mages Guild (member or not) or from Telvanni members in Vivec (see Fevyn Ralen) or Tel Aruhn (see Felara Andrethi).

Once you have them and report back to Aryon, you'll get your disposition and faction rep boosts and a Destruction skill book.

Siege at Odirniran

This is the flip-side of a Hlaalu quest from Edryno Arethi. Milyn Faram is a Telvanni sorcerer (probably also a necormancer) who has established a somewhat illegal Telvanni colony in Azura's Coast, called Ordirniran. House Hlaalu has taken offense at this and sent an expedition to capture the place. They've done fairly well since they've managed to get rid of just about everyone execpt Faram.

As Aryon will tell you, Odirniran is a bit west of Azura's Shrine and south of the Dwemer ruin, Nchurdamz. Faram is in the Tower portion. There is one other NPC in the Tower section and you should not kill her. In the Hlaalu version of the quest, she is a hostage. In this version of the quest, she's a prisoner in a cell in the Tower section (it's locked, but she'll go hostile if you poke your head into the outer room).

Although you can kill all of the Hlaalu invaders if you want (they're unarmored and armed with unenchanted Daggers), the only one Falam really wants gone is their leader, Remasa Othril. When that's done, speak to Faram. What is supposed to happen is that if you only killed Remasa Othril, Falam's diposition goes up by 10 points, but if you killed Vedelea, too, it's supposed to drop by 10 points. What actually happens is a 10-point drop in both cases (this is fixed in the Morrowind Patch Project mod). But you get seven scrolls of Summon Daedroth for 120 seconds if you didn't kill Vedelea and listen to him talk about his research, at which point his disposition goes up 10 points.

When you report back to Aryon, there are a couple or three ways that this can play out. In all cases, you'll get your disposition and faction rep boosts and +1 to your overall rep. If you killed Vedelea or Vedelea and Faram, you get nothing else. If you only killed Remasa, you get a Silver Staff of Hunger (Soul Trap for 30 seconds on strike) and an Illusion skillbook (Incident at Necrom).

Mages Guild Monopoly

The Armistice Treaty grants the Mages Guild a monopoly on selling enchantments, scrolls, spells and magical training to the general public. House Hlaalu is on board with the idea of overturning that monopoly, but Aryon needs Redoran to make the idea fly with the Duke. You need to convince a majority of the Redoran counselors to support the plan. That would be at least three of them. Fortunately, the counselors are at Ald'ruhn, so you should be able to do this in one trip.

Aryon suggests starting with Athyn Sarethi, who is the more reasonable of the ulta-conservative Redorans. This is a good tactic.

Get Sarethi's disposition up to 50 or more and he will agree to support the proposal (that's one counselor). This also creates a new dialog topic with the other counselors ("appeal to fairness"). Except for Bolvyn Vemin (who will never support the proposal), the other counselors will support the proposal if you get their dispositions up to 40 and use the "appeal to fairness" topic. You only need three counselors in addition to Sarethi, but getting everyone except Venim won't hurt. If you haven't completed the Redoran Hortator portion of the Main Quest, you'll need high dispositions later; if you have completed it or if you've got more than 30 or 40 points of overall reputation, their dispositions should be high enough. But even with high dispositions, you still have to use the "appeal to fairness" topic to get them on board.

When you're done, report back to Aryon to receive the usual disposition and faction rep boosts, _+1 to your overall reputation, and Aryon will give you another glove ("Aryon's Dominator": Targeted Command Creature [15 points for 120 seconds] and Touch-ranged Command Humanoid [15 points for 120 seconds]).

Siege at Shishi

Like Odirniran, Shishi is a Telvanni outpost and it's been attacked by House Redoran. It's about halfway up the foyada from Maar Gan to the Urshiliku Ashlander Camp (you go there for the Main Quest) and you'll pass right by it for Demnevanni's "Dark Mezahlf" quest.

If you checked out the place earlier, you found a happy bunch of Telvanni retainers. When you arrive now, you'll find everyone dead except for the three Redoran warriors and a few wandering critters (how did they manage to kill the people, but get the critters to leave them alone?). The only one you must kill to complete the quest is Brerama Seles, but you should dispatch the other two Redoran warriors (everyone is well-armed and armored, unlike the Hlaalu you dealt with earlier). At the top is a table with a "Breton's Skull" on it. Activate the skull to reveal a trapdoor just in the floor downstairs. Go through the trapdoor to find Faves Andes. Talk to him and then return to Aryon.

You get your usual disposition and faction rep boosts and +1 to your overall rep. Aryon gives you a "Silver Staff of War" to complete the deal.

Recruit a Mouth

If you'd like to be promoted to Wizard (Rank 7), you must find someone to be your Mouth. Although you can ask around, there is only one person who can (will) do the job: Edd "Fast Eddie" Theman in Balmora. His house doesn't show up on your map very well, but he's just upstairs in the house next to the big stairway on the west side of the river.

The only thing you need to do is provide him with a "Silver Staff of Peace" and he'll take the job. Hopefully you didn't lose/sell the one Aryon gave you.  Although it shows up as a leveled weapon, no one has one for sale or just laying around. Your only other source seems to be NPCs who have them in their possession:

None of these NPCs are hostile and NPCs always equip their best items, so you'll either have to reverse pickpocket them with a better item (and succeed) or force a fight to collect one.

You get no reward for completing this quest (aside from Edd's 25-point disposition boost), but Edd says that he'll be happy to do chores for you if you'll come by the council chambers and ask him.

Kill Raynasa Rethan

While you were building your stronghold, the other two factions were also building strongholds. Raynasa Rethan is the Hlaalu leader at Rethan Manor at Odai Plateau (downriver from Balmora and directly east of Hla Oad). "Retire" her.

Rethan is the only NPC who will be hostile. The rest will pretty much ignore you unless you attack someone or try to steal something. Rethan is upstairs in the manor and is unarmored, but has a couple of enchanted Glass weapons. If you wait for her to go hostile and attack you, the other NPCs will not interefere. You can kill her any time after you complete the first phase of your stronghold (Aryon doesn't care whether she's already dead or dead as a result of his sending you).

Caution: whatever you do, don't steal anything. There are all sorts of goodies just laying around (like those Ebony arrows and darts), but they're all owned by House Hlaalu and stealing them will taint the ownership attribute of every other item of that type that you get or have.

Your reward is the faction rep and disposition boosts (10 for each this time, rather than the normal 5) and +1 to your overall reputation.

Kill Banden Indarys

The Redoran version of the previous quest. Indarys Manor is about halfway between Ald'ruhn and Maar Gan and on the east side of the foyada. Like the previous quests, the NPCs will be non-hostile unless you do something to provoke them. Banden Indarys is downstairs behind the closed door to the left. He is hostile and will attack you. Although he is well-armored, he doesn't seem to have a weapon and tries to beat you to death with his fists (he has a 7% Hand-to-Hand skill). If you wait for him to attack you, the other nearby NPCs will not interfere.

You can kill him anytime after you complete the first phase of your stronghold. Like Rethan, Aryon doesn't particularly care when you killed him.

Caution: whatever you do, don't take anything (you can read the two skillbooks on the bookcase, but don't take them) except what's on Indarys' body. There are all sorts of lovely goodies just laying around (like that Ebony Longsword on the bookcase), but they're all owned by House Redoran and stealing them will taint the ownership attribute of every other item of that type that you get or have.

Report back to Aryon for 10-point disposition and faction rep boosts and +1 to your overall reputation.

Final Promotion

Assuming that you have completed the first expansion of your stronghold, Aryon has no other quests after you kill the two stronghold leaders. If your faction reputation and skills are up-to-snuff, the only thing he can do is promote you. He explains that you have two choices. You can be promoted to "Master" (Rank 8) making you equal to the other council members and can generally chill for the rest of the game because there will be no more promotions for you in House Telvanni. Or he can promote you to "Magister" (Rank 9), which opens the way to taking out Archmagister Gothren and becoming Archmagister yourself.

Although you have to confirm that you do not want any more promotions in House Telvanni, Aryon does have a dialog option that appears to let you change your mind and there are no journal entries or other flags being checked, so perhaps "Master" is not the dead-end that Aryon leads you to believe it is.

If you take the promotion to Master, you get the promotion and that's it. If you take the promotion to Magister, however, you get 10 points of disposition and faction rep and +2 to your overall reputation.

If you have completed the Main Quest, then you've already killed Gothren, so it's just a matter of accepting the promotion to Archmagister, too. If you haven't completed the Main Quest, you'll need to kill Gothren and taking care of it now means just asking Aryon to name you Telvanni Hortator when the time comes.

Once you are promoted to Archmagister, you get 20 points of faction rep and +2 to your overall reputation and no one will have any more quests for you. So hold off on that until you've completed everything you want to complete.


Therana is loopy, unhinged, unstable and generally only safe to be near with a readied teleport spell. Aside from that little deciciency, she's nice enough (and far enough out of it that getting what you want isn't too bad).

When you ask about "chores", she'll start talking about Auriel's bow (made of Ebony and smells like ash yams). If you follow up on Auriel's Bow, she'll tell you that she wants a bow made of ash yams. If you follow up on ash yams, she tells you that they smell strongest at Ghostgate, near someone named Ralyn Othravel.

Translation: Ralyn Othravel (should be upstairs in the Tower of Dawn at Ghostgate) has Auriel's Bow.

Auriel's Bow is simply an Ebony Longbow. It has no enchantment, but it does decent damage (2-50) and is the only Ebony Bow in the game. It's a mite hefty at 16 pounds, though. If you want it, hop on over to Ghostgate and talk to Ralyn Othravel. He's non-hostile to begin with, but if you ask about "Auriel's Bow", he'll tell you that he's not giving it up and his disposition will drop 10 points. There is no script to force a fight, though, so he'll either hate you enough to start it, or you'll need to taunt him into it. Once he's hostile, take him down and take the bow.

Now you have choices to make. You can simply keep the bow for yourself and not return it Therana. In this case you get the bow and Therana is none the wiser. Alternatively, you can go back to Therana and make another choice: give her the bow or keep it. If you start that conversation and then keep the bow, she'll attack you. If you give her the bow, she'll offer you some "old things". If you accept the "old things", you get a Daedric Cuirass and Daedric Greaves. If you do not want the "old things" she gives you 11,111 golds.

If you're of a murderous mindset, give her the bow, collect your reward, and then kill her to get the bow back (you might need to speak to Aryon to "make amends"). You'd probably be doing the world a favor, but everyone else will look at it as murder.


Dratha (Tel Mora) wants you to get the "Amulet of Flesh Made Whole" from one of Neloth's hirelings. If you ask around in the General Quarters section of Tel Naga, you'll be pointed to a Bosmer named Berengeval. If you speak to Berengeval, he'll basically say, "And what about it?" and will have no other dialog to get to it. This means you're going to have to fight him for it, so Taunt and have at him. While you're at it, take the key. Fast Eddie will want it for one of his chores after you make him your Mouth.

You might want to consider keeping the amulet for yourself. It packs a full load of healing enchantments (Cast on Use): Restore Health (1-150), Cure Common Disease, Cure Blight Disease, Cure Poison, Restore Agility (5-15), Restore Endurance (5-15), Restore Strength (5-15), and Restore Personality (5-15) and has 285 charges. Kind of a one-stop-shop for what ails you.

Your reward for turning it over to Dratha is going to be an "Amulet of Spell Absorption" (10 points for 5 seconds). If you're female, you can add 4 scrolls of "Summon Golden Saint". Even with the extra scrolls, it doesn't sound like a good trade-off to me.

If you've got the stones to fight her, just report back, ask about the Amulet and keep refusing to give it to her (each refusal drops her disposition by 20 and bumps her tendency to go hostile by 10 points). She'll go ballistic on you eventually. If you're male, it will probably happen sooner since you start with a -25 disposition drop the first time you say "hello" and -10 for each time after that.


Neloth (Tel Naga in Sadrith Mora) wants you to get "The Robe of Drake's Pride" from one of Gothren's hirelings. It seems that Senise Thindo is only two hundred years old and hardly worthy to possess such a marvelous artifact. So off you go to Tel Aruhn.

Senise Thindo is in the Tower Living Quarters. She's a 17th Level Battlmage and, as she will flatly tell you, the robe isn't for sale. You'll need to convince her to part with it (over her dead body). Since she's wearing the robe (it has a constant effect 25% Spell Reflection, 10-point Fortify Intelligence, and 25% Fire Resistance), you'll probably want to do this with something other than magic. A liberal application of an unenchanted weapon should do the trick.

If you return it to Neloth, he'll give you 10 gold for your troubles (and reinstate you into House Telvanni if you managed to get yourself expelled). Oh, and you'll get your 5 points of faction rep and 10 points to Neloth's disposition. Now please go away.

Can you say, "sucker"?

Edd "Fast Eddie" Theman

Fast Eddie (your Mouth, in cast your forgot), has a couple of quests that he will perform for you. He will not do them just for the asking, though. You'll need to provide him with something so that he can get the item. You cannot go get the items yourself. They are placed in the game when you talk to Edd to complete the quests.

Ring of Equity

Edd needs a key to Neloth's tower (Tel Naga) so he can retrieve the "Ring of Equity". Several people have keys (including Neloth, if you want to pay him back for that lousy 10 gold reward). Just lift one from one of the eight people who have one: Neloth, Berengeval, Ednar Drenim, Vanel Serven, Drodos Galen, Savesea Mothryon, Ivramie Sarandas, or Faldan. All are in Tel Naga somewhere. Give him the key and check back with him in a week.

At completion, you get the ring (Cast When Used, 100% Spell Absorption and 70% Spell Reflection) and +1 to your overall reputation.

Amulet of Unity

Edd knows where the Amulet of Unity is located, but needs five standard Potions of Invisibility (no homebrews).  When you give him the potions, he says he'll see you in a few weeks, but it should only be 5 or 6 days until you get a journal update telling you to go check back with him.

The Amulet fortifies Intelligence and Willpower 10 points for 120 seconds and Fortifies all six schools of magic 5 points for 120 seconds and you get +1 to your overall reputation.