Morag Tong Writ Quests

Since all of the guest givers for the Morag Tong give the same quests, I have done them as a single page rather than setting them up by quest-giver. The procedure is much the same for each of the writs: talk to one of the Masters or the Grandmaster about "writs" and they will tell you which ones are currently outstanding. They are typically given two at a time, though if you are very careful in how you do the dialogue, you can pick them up individually. Also be very careful on which writs you take. There are no level or rank requirements to get any of these writs and some of your later targets are very high level NPCs. Exercise caution and don't be afraid to back off and try again later.

There is nothing complicated about these. Just find the target, execute the writ (kill the target) and report back to any Master or the Grandmaster.

Whatever you do, do not lose your writ. It is, in effect, your "get out of jail free" card if your execution is seen. If you kill the subject of the writ and get a message that says, "your crime has been reported," IMMEDIATELY find a guard and present the writ to clear your reputation and bounty (you're charged with one assault and one murder). If you have lost, sold or misplaced the writ covering that particular individual, you will either have to pay 1080 gold or go to jail to take care of it (resisting arrest is not recommended).

Don't think that you can just use the console to give yourself the writ and get away with it. In addition to having the writ in your inventory, the game will also check your journal for the appropriate entry. If it's not there, then your papers are not in order and you'll have to either pay the fine or go to jail (resisting arrest is not recommended).

Here are the writs in the order in which they are offered:

Toris Saren and Odaishah Yasalmibaal

Your reward is 500 golds and a 5-point boost to your rep with the Morag Tong for each writ.

Sarayn Sadus

If you handle the dialogue carefully, you can pick this up as a single writ. Ask about "Sarayn Sadus" only and say goodbye. This would be so much easier if the script didn't check to see that BOTH Toris Saren and Odaisha Yasalmibaal were completed. The simple reason is that Sarayn Sadus' location isn't too far away from Yasalmibaal's yurt. But as it is, you have to report back, get the new writ and then go back where you were.

Sadus' hideout, Zaintirari, is almost directly south of Yasalmibaal's yurt, kind of west-southwest of Tel Fyr and almost directly west of the Sobitbael Ashlander Camp on the coast. The directions that you receive from the quest giver tell you that it is northwest of the Erabenimsun Ashlander Camp (you'll need to go there as part of the Main Quest, so it might already be marked on your map) and north of a steam pit surrounded by dead trees (like there aren't any of those in the Molag Amur region). The whole point being that you're going to have to do a little searching to find the place.

If you go to the Erabenimsun camp, go directly northwest from the camp to get to the steam pit. Don't follow the trail. Go straight northwest from the camp. Then go north from the steam pit. The entrance will be hiding behind some rocks.

Once you have found it, you're in for a perverse treat. Unlike the other writs, Sadus isn't alone. In fact, he's got four other bandit buddies keeping him company. In more or less the order in which you will encounter them:

Elsewhere in Zaintirari you'll find a few golds, 3 potions, a scroll of Healing, a Steel shield, and the usual crates, boxes, sacks and chests that you'd expect to find in a bandit cave. Your reward for executing the writ is 500 gold and a 5-point boost to your rep with the Morag Tong.

Idroso Vendu and Ethal Seloth

No dialogue options on this one. It's "two for one" time at the Morag Tong, but these two are together in the Temporary Housing section on the Plaza level of the Telvanni Canton in Vivec, so they aren't difficult to find. As you enter, Idroso Vendu will be to your left and Ethal Seloth will be in a little cubby hole in the corner that you can't really see from the door. There are others in the room, too, so be careful with area-effect spells and be prepared for guards when you leave (have your writ handy). If you have a high Sneak skill, you can pull this off without anyone knowing.

Report back for your reward (1000 golds this time) and a 5-point boost to your Morag Tong rep.

Guril Retheran and Galasa Uvayn

The game will check to make sure that the previous four writs are complete before it will offer these to you. Again, careful dialogue can pick these up one at a time, but there is really no need to. Both are in Vivec; Retheran is in the Redoran Canton and Uvayn is next door in the Hlaalu Canton.

Report back for your reward: 1000 gold and a 5-point boost to your Morag Tong rep for each.

When you next talk to Eno Hlaalu and the Glove of Sanguine Horny Fist is in your inventory, you will have a dialogue option that will allow you to give it to him. This is one part of the "Threads of the Webspinner" quests. Refusing to give the glove to Hlaalu will result in Hlaalu's disposition dropping by 10 points for each refusal. If you are not prepared to turn it over, don't talk about it (kind of like, "don't ask the question if you don't want to hear the answer").

Mavon Drenim and Tirer Belvayn

High level spellcasters. A modicum of caution would be appropriate at this point.

Report back to collect: 1000 gold and a 5-point faction rep boost for each.

Mathyn Bemis and Brilnosu Llarys

Bemis is in Vivec in the Hlaalu ancestral vaults, Llarys is at the Hlormaren stronghold west of Balmora. Good news, though. She's not down on the lowest level of the dungeon. She's on the roof.

Report back to collect: 1000 gold and a 5-point faction rep boost for each.

Navil and Ranes Ienith

Do their names ring a bell? You may have already taken these two out:

If not, they are downstairs in Dren's Villa, behind a couple of doors with heavy-duty locks. In and of themselves, they shouldn't be any great shakes by this point.

You can get the goods on Orvas Dren by searching the room. Quite a few alchemical goodies, gold and whatnot laying around their room. Save the blackmail material for later. You may need it if you can't convince Dren to let you have your way and don't feel like fighting him.

Report back to collect: 1000 gold and a 5-point faction rep boost for each.

There are no more writs to be executed until after you have defeated Dagoth Ur and have been named Grandmaster of the Morag Tong. At that point you can execute the Grandmaster Writs.

After reaching 3rd rank (Thrall), you may get "special duties" directly from Grandmaster Hlaalu.