Radd Hard-Heart

You'll find Master-at-Arms Hard-Heart at the Moonmoth Legion Fort. Just head out the south gate of Balmora, hang a left over the bridge and continue eastward until you get there. He may be related to Sjoring Hard-Heart in the Vivec Fighters Guild, but he has no dialogue that says so. Considering Sjoring's dealings with the Camonna Tong, this may be a relative he'd rather not acknowledge. There are no minimum rank requirements for any of his quests, but he needs a minimum disposition of 30 before he will give you one.

Centurion Parts

The Buoyand Armigers have challenged the Legion to a contest. The Armigers are hunting a Corprus creature, but the Legion is going to tackle a Dwemer Centurion, so you need to bring home the scrap metal to prove it. Any old scrap metal will do (you can go buy some from an alchemist, if you want), but Radd suggests clearing out a Dwemer ruin of some sort. Your call. Your reward is 500 gold, plus the usual rep and disposition bonuses.

Hostage Rescue

Jocien Ancois, a hermit, has been trying to introduce Imperial culture to the Ashlanders at the Erabenimsun camp, but has been kidnapped. I was under the impression that hermits lived out in the middle of nowhere to get away from people so that they could meditate or do whatever it is that hermits do. If he has been living at an Ashlander camp, then he must be a missionary rather than a hermit. But be that as it may, he needs rescuing and you're the designated hero.

What you're going to be looking for is the Shashurari camp. There are a couple of ways to get there. The first is to just wander around on the northern end of the Molar Amur region, north of the Erabenimsun camp, until you stumble across it. The second is to go more or less directly there. Go to a point a little south of Tel Fyr and then head east. When you get to a lava river, stay on the south side and you'll run into a trail of book pages that will lead you directly to the camp. Jocien is inside the tent.

You have two ways of resolving the problem. First, you can simply beat on anything standing between Jocien and freedom.

Second, you can understand why they want Jocien (great magic from making the beast with two backs) and find a replacement stud. Zennammu suggests Assaba-Bentus at the Erabenimsun camp, which should be marked on your map by now.

Now you'd think that any young fellow being offered the chance to make magical whoopee to his heart's content with three women would leave footprints on your back as he ran over you to get there. But no. You've got to shame him into it.  Just talk to him about "Mabrigash" and follow the choices (anything except "Nevermind" will work). He will then follow you back to Zennammu's yurt and you can free Jocien.

Report back to Radd Hard-Heart for your reward: a pat on the back.

Rescue 2

Short and to the point: rescue a girl named Dandsa from a cave named Abernanit, which is on an island southeast of Gnaar Mok. You get to Gnaar Mok by going through Caldera and following the signs. The entrance faces north in the middle of a swampy pool on the island just southeast of the boat service.

Abernanit itself is no great shakes, a couple of Rats or Shalks in the cave proper, a couple of Slaughterfish or Dreugh underwater and three bad guys:

You'll find Dandsa back in the chamber with Balis Sari. Nothing else in the cave except a bunch of barrels and crates. Get Dandsa back to the cave entrance and she'll go the rest of the way on her own. She's sorry that she has no reward for you.

Hop up to the island just north of this one and kill the two Netch on the northwest side of the island.

Now report back to Hard-Heart for your reward: another pat on the back.

Breeding Netch

There are a couple of amorous Netch bothering the good citizens of Gnaar Mok. Take care of it. If you followed my advice on the rescue quest, just talk about "Breeding Netch" again to get your reward: another pat on the back and a slight boost to the dispositions of the good citizens of Gnaar Mok the next time you talk to any of them about "Breeding Netch".


This is another of those "hearts and minds" missions. Although necromancy is legal in the Empire, the locals definitely do not like it. So you're off to stomp on the big bad Necromancer, Sorkvild the Raven. He's got a tower just outside of Dagon Fel. The easiest way to get there, if you don't feel like traveling on foot, is to take the silt strider to Ald'ruhn, then take another silt strider to Khuul, then take a boat from Khuul to Dagon Fel. Sorkvild's Tower is just east of the town.

The tower has two levels to it: the main level and Sorkvild's tower. You'll find three NPCs on the main level:

Sorkvild will be up in his tower. The ladder is at the back of the room where you found Hlora Long-Leg.

Sorkvild will most likely summon something to keep you occupied while he's getting ready to nail you, so ignore whatever he summons and nail him as quickly as you can.

You'll find tons of ingredients, some alchemical apparatus, a lot of books (including two skill-raising), a daedric dagger and some miscellaneous other stuff. Be sure to check out the two corpses in Sorkvild's chamber. One of them might have some decent goodies, depending on your level and the luck of the dice.

Collect your last pat on the back from Radd Hard-Heart and you're done with all of his quests. Oh, and the good people of Dagon Fel will each have a 5-point disposition boost for you the next time you ask about Sorkvild.