Sugar-Lips Habasi's Quests

Sugar-Lips is the Khajiit in Chitin armor in the South Wall Cornerclub and is the local Thieves Guild boss. Her quests are really quite simple and rely on your Thieving abilities and your ability to think your way out of difficult situations rather than your ability to fight your way out of them. With two exceptions, none of theses quests require specific items from specific locations. So if you know where an identical item is or if you have one in your inventory, feel free to fork them over. Remember, she's a Khajiit and the name like "Sugar-Lips" probably has more to do with Skooma and Moon-Sugar than any double-entendres that are probably running through your head. If you ask a Khajiit about Skooma or Moon-Sugar, you'll find out that it makes you terribly fast and terribly dumb.

Habasi offers training in Acrobatics (72%), Security and Sneak (67% each) to members who are Rank 6 (Bandit) or higher.

Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

Habasi's first task is for you to obtain a small, shiny object (a diamond). Any diamond will do, but she specifically points to Nalcarya of White Haven, the local Alchemist. Because of the game's ownership hiccups, I recommend finding one elsewhere or simply buying one. But if you are bound and determined that no other diamonds will do, head for Nalcarya's shop. There are six loose diamonds available and she has three in her personal inventory. There are three on the shelves right next to her (unless your Sneak skill is extremely high, I don't recommend trying to grab them) and there are three in a locked chest above her bed upstairs. The chest is out of view of the guard, so you can pick the lock and grab the goods with no one being the wiser (except the game, which will mark every diamond that you pick up from here on out as belonging to Nalcarya).

Report back to Habasi to collect your fee (an Exclusive Invisibility Potion), a 5-point boost to your Thieves Guild rep and a 10-point boost to Habasi's disposition.

Nerano Manor Key

Habasi wants the key to the upper floor of Nerano Manor (next door to the Hlaalu Council Manor). She tells you that there are two keys available. Ondres Nerano has one, and Sovor Trandel at the Council Club has the other.

Nerano will not give you the key, so you'll have to fight him for it. If you kill him, Habasi will give you credit for the completing the mission, but you'll gain no disposition bonus with her and she won't pay you for it. So if you have to fight him, do it hand-to-hand and knock him out.

Trandel will not give you the key, either. But you have an option available with him that you do not have with Nerano. Larrius Varro at the Moonmoth Legion Fort wants Trandel dead and is willing to pay for it. As an added bonus, Nileno Dorvayn at the Hlaalu Council Manor wants you to kill Thanelen Velas, who is with Trandel at the Council Club. So if you play this correctly, you can kill three quests with one fight. Granted, it's a big fight, but it's good exercise.

The rewards for doing it this way are pretty decent:

Dwemer Artifacts

Strictly speaking, trading in Dwemer Artifacts is treason and punishable by death. But the Guild has never let a little thing like the law get in the way of getting the things they want. They also aren't going to let a little thing like a two-faced smuggler get in the way, either. Dwemer Artifacts were ordered and paid for, but have not been delivered. You need to retrieve a Dwemer Goblet, a Dwemer Bowl and a Dwemer Tube. Considering the number of Dwemer ruins laying around, you probably know where you can get these without much trouble. Feel free to do so.

You can find Ra'zhid at Fatleg's Drop-off in Hla Oad. And, as you might expect, his response is something along the lines of, "Artifacts? What Dwemer Artifacts?" You'll need to do some searching to find the goods because Ra'zhid doesn't have them in his personal inventory. They are in a chest behind a couple of barrels by the door. The shopkeeper has an alarm level of 100, so if you get caught stealing the stolen artifacts, he'll start slinging spells your way and Ra'zhid won't be too happy with you either. So be stealthy and then report back to Habasi for your reward: some Master's lockpicks and probes.

Vintage Brandy

If you handled the Nerano Manor key quest the way that I recommended, you may only have to talk to Habasi a second time to complete this one. Habasi wants some Vintage Brandy and knows that Ralen Hlaalo has some in his manor. Ralen Hlaalo, however, is dead and will never miss it.

There is no one wandering the ground floor of Hlaalo Manor, so you can just walk right in and pick it up (except that the front door is locked). It's on the top shelf of the middle shelves.

If you did not follow my recommendation, Hlaalo is still dead and you can walk right in and pick it up (except that the front door is locked). But you should also pop upstairs and talk to the maid to get the description of Hlaalo's murderer. Then, if you have already killed Thanelen Velas at the Council Club, pop across the square and talk to Nileno Dorvayn at the Council Manor to collect your 1000 golds for bringing the murderer to justice.

But any old Vintage Brandy will do, as far as Habasi is concerned. There are five others just laying around and perhaps a few in random crates and chests.

Your reward is 1000 gold, +10 to Habasi's disposition and +5 to your Thieves Guild rep.


Whoops! Somebody got caught and Habasi wants you to bust New-Shoes Bragor out of the pokey. But you can't just go wading in with your sword and stage a breakout. You have to get Bragor released. Habasi has a plan and it's your job to put it into action.

One of the merchants at Fort Pelagiad, Shadbak gra-Burbug, is a collector of Dwemer artifacts. His supplier, Mebestien Ence, is the key to getting Shadbak to unlock the cell. So run over to Pelagiad to Ence's shop. You're job is to find a Dwemer Artifact, steal it, then take it to gra-Burbug and do a little arm-twisting.

If you have managed to pick up a Dwemer Coherer in your travels (and there are quite a few of them laying around), you can skip the next part and just go directly to the Fort because having any Dwemer Coherer in your inventory will do the job.

The artifact is in a chest up on a shelf in the upstairs area. Unfortunately, Ence has a guard roaming around his shop. So you'll need to be vewy, vewy quiet. Fortunately, the guard roams, so once you locate the chest, just wait for the guard to wander back downstairs, unlock it and take the artifact.

Hop on over to the fort and talk to gra-Burbug about New-Shoes Bragor. gra-Burbug recognizes the artifact as being stolen from Ence. You have two options on how to play this out. You can 'fess up to the fact that the artifact is stolen. This immediately moves gra-Burbug into fight mode and you'll have to kill him. Unfortunately, this also blows the quest, because he has no key on him and Bragor won't leave without being "officially" released, so you're hosed. Habasi writes off the mission and you get nothing except whatever gra-Burbug had on him.

The second method (and the one that successfully completes the mission) is to ask gra-Burbug how he knew that the artifact was stolen. This gets him to admit that he's been protecting Ence and you can then get him to release Bragor.

Report back to Habasi to collect 1000 golds, plus the appropriate reputation boosts.

South Wall Defenses

Habasi is expecting a raid by the Fighters Guild and Camonna Tong. You may have picked up a few hints about the friction between the Thieves Guild and these two factions over the course of the game. Especially if you have been working through the Fighters Guild quests.

Habasi wants to secure the South Wall and needs a master of Security to do it. All she knows is that you're looking for an Altmer. Fortunately, there are only a handful in town: Culumaire at the Lucky Lockup, Estirdalin at the Mages Guild, Imare at the Hlaalu Council Manor, Nalcarya the Alchemist, Tyermaillin at his home and Hecerinde at his home.

As it turns out, four of the six already have steady jobs and probably aren't available. That leaves the two at home and Hecerinde is the one who volunteers to do the job.

Report back to Habasi for your reward (Habasi clears up any bounties you may have outstanding and you get a 10-point boost to your guild rep). This is the last of Habasi's quests.

Killing Hecerinde blows the quest and Habasi says that you'll get no more jobs from her. Since this is the last of her quests, it's a fairly empty punishment.