Boats and Gondolas


Between boats and silt striders, you can get from any major settlement to any major settlement. If you think of it as using the airlines, you won't be too far off. Non-stop service to where you want to go is a rarity (they always have non-stop flights to where you don't want to go), so you have to change planes every once in a while.

Boats work just like silt striders. Travel is instantaneous in real-time, but you'll recover some Health, Magicka and Fatigue, depending on the length of the trip.

Location Destination
Dagon Fel Khuul Sadrith Mora Tel Aruhn Tel Mora
Ebonheart Hla Oad Sadrith Mora Tel Branora Vivec
Gnaar Mok Hla Oad Khuul    
Hla Oad Ebonheart Gnaar Mok Vivec  
Khuul Dagon Fel Gnaar Mok    
Molag Mar Hla Oad Tel Branora Vivec  
Sadrith Mora Dagon Fel Ebonheart Tel Branora Tel Mora
Tel Aruhn Dagon Fel Tel Mora Vos  
Tel Branora Ebonheart Molag Mar Sadrith Mora Vivec
Tel Mora Dagon Fel Sadrith Mora Tel Aruhn Vos
Vivec Ebonheart Hla Oad Molag Mar Tel Branora
Vos Sadrith Mora Tel Aruhn Tel Mora  
Blatta Hateria
Holamayan Monastery This service becomes available after you complete the Ministry of Truth Commando Raid portion of the Main Quest.
Vevrana Aryon Ebonheart


Gondola service operates only in Vivec and can shuttle you between cantons for about 1 gold per trip.

Location Destination
Arena Foreign Quarter Hlaalu Telvanni Temple
Foreign Quarter Arena Hlaalu Temple  
Hlaalu Arena Foreign Quarter Telvanni  
Telvanni Arena Foreign Quarter Temple  
Temple Arena Hlaalu Telvanni