Silt Strider

Silt Striders are huge bugs that have been modified to provide travel between settlements in Vvardenfell. Generally speaking, each silt strider caravaner will travel to four other locations. Travel is instantaneous in real-time, but game-time does pass. Health, Magicka and Fatigue will all replenish themselves, depending on how long the trip takes. You'll probably need to take multiple trips to get to your destination. For example, to travel from Vivec in the south to Maar Gan in the north, you would need to go to Balmora, Ald'ruhn and then Maar Gan.

Although silt striders don't really involve bartering, it does appear to count. If you have exceptionally high Personality, the caravaner will shave a couple of golds off the trip price, so this may be where it's showing up.

Location Destinations
Ald'ruhn Balmora Gnisis Khuul Maar Gan
Balmora Ald'ruhn Seyda Neen Suran Vivec
Gnisis Ald'ruhn Khuul Maar Gan  
Khuul Ald'ruhn Gnisis Maar Gan  
Maar Gan Ald'ruhn Gnisis Khuul  
Molag Mar Suran Vivec    
Seyda Neen Balmora Gnisis Suran Vivec
Suran Balmora Molag Mar Seyda Neen Vivec
Vivec Balmora Molag Mar Seyda Neen Suran