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v.1.2.0722 patch (release notes) Released 7/26/2002
v.1.1.0605 patch Released 6/21/2002 (link is now dead)
Bethesda Softworks The fine folks who brought you the Elder Scrolls series
Morrowind Official Website Downloads, discussion forums, links to other sites. All things Morrowind. ( now goes to, so perhaps that should be "all things Elder Scrolls")
Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages Wiki One of the best Elder Scrolls resources out there. If it concerns the Elder Scrolls games, it's either at UESP or linked from UESP.
Morrowind Patch Project quorn's update of Thepal's "Unofficial Morrowind Patch". It says that it's a Beta release (1.6.5b), but it has run stably for me. I don't see any more activity on it from quorn's posts since mid-February 2010 and the discussion thread was closed in June 2010. It requires the Tribunal and Bloodmoon expansions. You should probably install and load it before installing/loading any other unofficial plugins.
 Morrowind Code Patch Version 1.8 at the time of this writing (August 2010). Fixes and changes quite a few things that couldn't be done through scipting or a plug-in, like the Morrowing Patch Project. It's a self-extracting executable and asks which features you want installed before it goes to work. There is a discussion thread on Bethesda's forums. Note that it changes the Morrowind executable, but automatically makes a back-up copy first.