Potion Recipes

Here are a few recipes with some fairly standard Restore and Fortify effects. The ingredients will combine to produce a single effect, but the magnitude and duration of the effect is going to depend on your Alchemy skill and the equipment you are using. I have tried to use only the most commonly available ingredients, but some effects (Restore Magicka, for example) only have one commonly available ingredient. Anything that says (eat) next to the ingredient means that you can just eat it and probably get the effect (depends on your Alchemy skill). It won't be terribly powerful, but it will help a little.

Restore Potions
Effect Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Ingredient 3 Ingredient 4
Restore Health Corkbulb Root Marshmerrow (eat) Saltrice Wickwheat (eat)
Restore Magicka Comberry Daedra's Heart (eat) Frost Salts Void Salts (eat)
Restore Fatigue Bread (eat) Kwama Egg (small) (eat) Hackle-Lo Leaf (eat) Crab Meat
Restore Strength Scamp Skin Stoneflower Petals (eat) don't use a 3rd or 4th ingredient
Restore Intelligence Bittergreen Petals (eat) Ruby OR
Scrap Metal
Restore Willpower Scrib Jelly (they're all over the place) Trama Root (eat) Scathecraw Meteor Slime
Restore Agility Bonemeal (eat) combining it with Sload Soap will drain Personality
Restore Speed Raw Ebony Resin  
Restore Endurance Grave Dust Scales  
Restore Personality Heather (eat) Guar Hide Scamp Skin  
Restore Luck Kresh Fiber (eat) Crab Meat Hackle-Lo Leaf  


Fortify Potions
Effect Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Ingredient 3 Ingredient 4
Fortify Health Kwama Egg (Large) Shalk Resin Vampire Dust (eat)  
Fortify Magicka Emerald (eat) Saltrice Stoneflower Petals  
Fortify Fatigue Hound Meat Scrib Jerky Scuttle  
Fortify Strength Daedra Skin (eat) Dreugh Wax (eat) Vampire Dust Ash Yam
Fortify Intelligence Bloat Netch Leather Ash Yam  
Fortify Willpower  Bloat Scrib Jelly (eat) Wickwheat  
Fortify Agility Sload Soap
Ectoplasm (eat) OR
Fire Salts OR
Fortify Speed Moon Sugar (eat) Vampire Dust Shalk Resin OR
Kagouti Hide
Fortify Endurance Netch Leather (eat) Guar Hide Daedra's Heart  
Fortify Personality Green Lichen (eat) Kresh Fiber Stoneflower Petals  
Fortify Luck Corkbulb Root Guar Hide OR
Corprus Weepings