Fighters Guild

The Fighters Guild is the organization providing services, training and work for mercenaries. It functions like any other faction and much as it did in Daggerfall.

Members of factions receive different types of welcomes from members of other factions, depending on how they get along. The formula is (Faction Reaction * 5)*(0.5 +(Faction Rank *0.5)). In plain terms, this means that as you attain higher ranks in your faction, people with negative modifiers will like you less and people with positive modifiers will like you more. This does not mean that everyone will start attacking you on sight, nor does it mean that they are going to fall all over themselves to be helpful. It does, however, modify their initial disposition toward you. This initial disposition will be further modified by your Personality, your overall reputation, your Criminal Status, whether or not you are Diseased, what kinds of favors you have done for the faction you're dealing with, etc. The other person may wind up liking you a lot or not liking you at all, but your faction and rank can impose a serious modifier.

Reactions to Other Factions
Hated Enemy
Beloved Ally (+3)
Camonna Tong
Morag Tong
House Telvanni
Thieves Guild
Mages Guild
Imperial Cult
House Hlaalu
House Redoran
Imperial Legion Fighters Guild

Advancement within the Fighters Guild will depend upon your skill level in three of the following skills:

Fighters Guild rank structure:

Rank Strength Endurance One required Skill at Two other required Skills at Minimum Faction Reputation
1 - Associate 30 30 0 0 0
2 - Apprentice 30 30 10 0 5
3 - Journeyman 30 30 20 0 10
4 - Swordsman 30 30 30 5 20
5 - Protector 30 30 40 10 35
6 - Defender 31 31 50 15 45
7 - Warder 32 32 60 20 60
8 - Guardian 33 33 70 25 90
9 - Champion 34 34 80 30 110
10 - Master 35 35 90 35 125

Of course, these promotions don't come just based on your skills. You must perform quests to gain reputation and rank within the Fighters Guild. Each successfully completed quest typically adds 5 points to your Faction Rep. Just ask about "Orders" to anyone who has it in their conversation threads. The Fighters Guild quest givers are, in no particular order:

Typically, each rank requires two or three successfully completed quests in addition to the minimum stat and skills requirements.

Each of the four Fighters Guildhalls has an equipment chest that you are welcome to use for supplies. They each contain some Armorer's Hammers, some Restore Fatigue and Restore Health potions, a fur helm, and 100 each of Iron Bolts and Iron Arrows. The chests restock, but it doesn't happen very often (every four months, if the Construction Set is to be believed and I have no evidence to contradict this).