The Morrowind Prophecies:  Errata

I do have a copy of "Morrowind Prophecies" and am working my way through every quest available in the game. By and large it is an accurate walkthrough, although some of the information is unclear, insufficient or just plain wrong. If it's incorrect, I will put it here. The unclear and insufficient parts are covered in my own walkthroughs.

p. 173 (Orirniran): if you complete the quest by killing only Remasa Othril and not her sister, you get a Silver Staff of Hunger and a skillbook.

p.193 (Staff of Magnus): Mount Kand is not directly north of Suran. It's actually kind of north of Molag Mar and east-northeast of Suran. The entrance to Assu is northeast of the entrance to Mount Kand.

p.207 (Brother Thief): Gadela Andus' disposition needs to be at 90 (as opposed to 70) before she will open up about seeing Nads Tharen talking to Arvama Rathri.

p.208 (Brother Thief): If you kill Rathri before reporting back to Stacey (recommended since it gets you some extra rewards), you do have the option of giving him the key.

p. 231 (Willow): "The Four Suitors of Benitah" only adds one point to your Restoration, not two.

p. 232 (Scrib): only Dinok, the Redguard, will give you a portion of Scrib Jelly and he'll give one portion, not two.

p.233 (Rat): "The Wraith's Wedding Dowry" only adds one point to your Unarmored, not two.

p.274 (Sanguine Safekeeping): Ignore the first paragraph of so of the directions. The only way that you can go south from Endusal with the Ghostfence on your left is to be outside the Ghostfence and the Ularradallaku shrine is solidly inside. Just go north from Endusal. When you get to the bridge, and if your video resolution is set high enough, you will see it above you and to the right, perched on the side of a mountain. Levitate would be good at this point.

p. 281 (The Empty Pockets of Ienas Sarandas):  You can complete the quest with his disposition at 30 or more. You only need to raise his disposition to 60 if you do not have any of the following: