Custom Classes

So, you have decided to forgo one of the preset character classes in favor of one that is more tailored to your particular playing style. A wise decision, my friend, and one which you will probably not regret if you are careful. Retaining the custom class system introduced in Daggerfall, Morrowind allows you to decide whether you want to be a super-specialist or a super-generalist, or perhaps something between those two extremes.

There is none of the trading off of advantages and disadvantages, beefing up some stats at the expense of others or messing with the Difficulty Dagger. You need only make three major decisions to create your class:


The decision of which area to make your specialty is an important one. First and foremost, the choice will add five points to every skill in that specialty. Additionally, it will make those skills easier to develop. Placing skills from your specialty into your Major skill slots will make them increase much faster than non-specialty skills in your Miscellaneous slots.

Specialty Associated Skills
Combat Block, Armorer, Medium Armor, Heavy Armor, Blunt Weapon, Long Blade, Axe, Spear, Athletics
Magic Enchant, Destruction, Alteration, Illusion, Conjuration, Mysticism, Restoration, Alchemy, Unarmored
Stealth Security, Sneak, Acrobatics, Light Armor, Short Blade, Marksman, Mercantile, Speechcraft, Hand-to-Hand

Specialty Associated Attributes
Combat Strength (4 skills), Agility (1 skill), Speed (1 skill), Endurance (3 skills)
Magic Intelligence (3 skills), Willpower (4 skills), Speed (1 skill), Personality (1 skill)
Stealth Strength (1 skill), Intelligence (1 skill), Agility (3 skills), Speed (2 skills), Personality (2 skills)

None of the specialties covers all attributes, though the Stealth specialty covers five out of the seven skill-controlling attributes.

Favored Attributes

You may choose two of your attributes as favored ones. This will add 10 points to each at the start of the game. Because your attributes have an effect on whether your use of a particular skill is successful or not, choosing attributes that control your most-used skills will determine whether those skills increase quickly or slowly and whether those attributes increase quickly or slowly. There are no skills controlled by your Luck attribute, though your Luck does factor into just about everything you try to do.

Attribute Associated Skills
Strength Armorer, Blunt Weapon, Long Blade, Axe, Acrobatics
Intelligence Conjuration, Enchant, Alchemy, Security
Willpower Destruction, Alteration, Mysticism, Restoration
Agility Block, Sneak, Light Armor, Marksman
Speed Athletics, Unarmored, Short Blade, Hand-to-Hand
Endurance Medium Armor, Heavy Armor, Spear
Personality Illusion, Mercantile, Speechcraft

Your Encumbrance, Health Points, Magicka Points and Fatigue are directly controlled by four attributes.

Almost everything else about your character is going to be a function of skills and the associated governing attributes.