Woodborne Hall

After Lysandus tells you that Lord Woodborne is the guilty party, Woodborne Hall in Wayrest appears on your map. There are two ways to dispose of Woodborne: (1) kill him yourself (after all, he's done nothing to make your life easier) or, (2) let King Eadwyre kill him for you.

The first problem you encounter is getting into the dungeon. There are several sections of a large ramp that have to be moved into place in order to get to it. The first part of the quest involves a series of elevator rides and lever pulls. If you don't feel like messing with riding the elevators, go pull both elevator levers and use "Levitate" to get around. If you don't feel like messing with levers and elevators at all, just levitate to the top of the hall and pick the lock on the door at the top. (I don't want to mess with it, just get me to the dungeon already!) For those who want to pull levers, here's how to lower the ramp. The levers can be pulled in any order, so don't worry if you don't do it in exactly this order. After you enter Woodborne Hall, there will be a door on either side of you. There are elevators behind each door which will take you to the four levers you need to pull in order to position the ramp.

As you enter the Hall, there will be doors to your right and left. These lead to elevators that will take you to the appropriate levers to lower the pieces of the ramp. The entrance to the dungeon proper is at the top of the hall.
Directly in front of you is a critter, with other critters behind pillars (out of view) and in the side rooms of the main hall.
We'll start with the south (right) elevator. At the bottom, go north to a room with two levers on the wall. The left one moves a section of ramp. The right one opens a secret door with two critters behind it.
Take the elevator back up to the next higher landing and go west. At the end of the hall is a room with two critters and a side room with a lever on the back wall. This lowers another section of the ramp.
Now, back to the top and the elevator to the north (left). This elevator is tricky. It takes off when you try to step on it and pulling the levers just sends it out into the void. At the first landing, go west. When you get to the torch, click on it to open the door and reveal the lever.
At the top landing, follow the passage until a door opens. Deal with the critter (sometimes it's treasure, so check your map to find the door) and go through the northern door. The lever is at the end of the passage (there's usually a critter in this hall, too).
All of the pieces of the ramp are now in place and you can just walk up to the entrance. There will be a critter at the top of the ramp (usually human) and a mage on top of  one of the pillars behind you. The other three pillars have treasure piles on top of them. Sometimes the critter at the top is nice enough to open that locked door for you, sometimes not.

The Dungeon Entrance
Go through the door at the top of the ramp, Follow the corridor to a series of ramps and landings (like Shedungent and Lysandus' Tomb). Keep going north and through the door to a straight passage going north..
There will be a secret door (critter behind it) about 2/3 of the way down the straight passage. Go through the door and you will be in another series of ramps and landings.
At the first landing, you have a decision to make: do you kill Woodborne yourself? Or do you let King Eadwyre do it for you?

Route to the Letter
If you choose to let Eadwyre do the dirty work, go east from the landing until you get to a T-intersection. Go east. Do not go through any side doors. After rounding a couple of corners, you'll come to a door in front of you.
Critters will jump out of the side rooms to get you as you go down the passage. When you get to the elevator shaft and look around the corner, you'll see a stone wall blocking your way. Ride the elevator up and then down and then back to the passage and the block will be gone. There are two spell slingers in the room with the letter and 5 or 6 treasure piles.

The letter describes Woodborne 's plans for becoming King of Wayrest. If you talk to King Eadwyre after collecting the letter, the king will order Woodborne arrested and executed. You are supposed to get a few thousand gold for your efforts, too. Sometimes the old skinflint just doesn't come through, but check your inventory. If you see a pile of coins in Miscellaneous, that's your reward money.

Route to Woodborne

From the landing, go north to the next landing and go east. Follow this passage to the first opening on the left (east) and go through the door. Follow the passage north through a 4-way intersection.
Go north through the 4-way intersection and follow the corridor until you get to a T-intersection where you'll go north again. Follow the corridor around.
When you get to the Y-intersection, take the left (east) passage. You 'll find Lord Woodborne near the end of it. He looks like any other fighter-type, so you won't know until you hit him that you've got the right critter.

Once Woodborne is disposed of, you'll see the animation of Lysandus being put to rest. All of the spooks will disappear from the streets of Daggerfall and you will have completed the second of the Emperor 's missions and should be entitled to a little well-deserved rest. (yeah, right)

If you do not see the animation showing Lysandus going to his well-deserved rest, you will need to load the game you saved before doing Lysandus' Tomb (you did heed my warning, didn't you?), run fixsave on it and redo the Tomb and Woodborne Hall.