Unicorn Horn (Shedungent)

Getting to the Unicorn Horn is a pretty quick trip (unless you really feel like exploring Shedungent). Go into Nulfaga's chamber (remember to say "shut up" to the banner to get in). Nulfaga is still nuttier than a fruitcake, so ignore her and out the door on the other side.

The first door on your right has three levers in it. These raise and lower portcullises (portcullisi?) in another part of the dungeon and will allow you to get back out by the long route.

The second door on the right is where you would come in if you had taken the long route to get to Nulfaga.

Follow the passage up the stairs and down the other side. There is a random critter in the small room to the left. If it is capable of opening doors, it will try to come out and play with you (isn't it nice to be popular?).

Keep following the corridor until you get to a set of stairs on the left. There is a critter a short way past the stairs that will sometimes come out to play, but this does not always happen.

At the top of the stairs you will find a four-way junction (and a playmate). This whole area is a series of ramps and landings that you are welcome to explore if you are of a mind to do so. If not, you want to go south from this junction.

Follow the corridor around until you see a torch on the left-hand wall (west). Clicking on it will open the passageway you need to get to the Horn.

There is a critter directly in front of you, but it's the one at the end of the right-hand passage that usually manages to get in a good backstab before you know it's there. After getting rid of your friends, turn left and go up the ramp to another landing, where you will go north. In the room at the end of this passage is another critter (playmates all over the place, huh?). The door you need is in the south wall, but it's a "secret" door and difficult to see. The horn will be on the bed. Retrieve it and take it back to Medora.