Medora's Tower

You must be at least 8th level in order to complete this quest. In order to set Lysandus' ghost to rest, you need the help of Medora Derinni, Lysandus' mage and mistress. Lhotun told you where her tower was. There are several entrances to the tower. There's the front door and, for those who like a challenge, there are a couple of entrances at the top of the tower. All enter into the same place on the map.

The path to Medora is fairly short, but deadly. If you're 8th level, you MIGHT survive the trip using this Walkthru. I've taken serious damage at 30th level, so it's no picnic. If you want a much easier way of going, there is a shorter path that avoids many of the pre-placed critters and puts you up against random critters instead.

Go through the door to your left as you enter the tower. You'll find two Skeletal Warriors on the other side. Go down the stairs (two vampires at the bottom) and up the stairs on the other side of the tower to the very top. The second landing is a trap that loads when you cross it and triggers when you hit the stairs on the other side. You can avoid it entirely by levitating over it. There is a ghost at the third landing which might act as a shield for you, but Spell Reflection does not seem to work with this one.
There will be two wraiths waiting for you at the top. By this point they should be no problem for you. The door at the top will be locked. Pick it, bash it or cast "Open" on it. Turn the wheel on the back wall above the fireplace (you may need to turn slightly in order to see it - it tends to fade in and out) to open the trapdoor at the bottom. Odds are that you'll have a Daedra Seducer to contend with at the bottom. She usually manages to get stuck in the central column. If you want to, shoot her full of arrows before dropping through the trapdoor.
Drop through the trapdoor. You'll find a lich and an imp. Of the two doors that lead from this room, one opens into a corridor. Go through that door and stop where the passage turns. There's a secret door to your left. Go through it and out the door on the other side of the room.
Follow that corridor until it T's. You need to go right. Go down the hall. You'll pass a room with a bridge over a cave. There are two critters on your side of the cave. At least one (probably both) will come out to get you. Once you're past the cave, you'll come to a room with a large pyramid in it.
Go across the pyramid (there's a critter at the bottom - if your Stealth skill is high enough, he'll probably leave you alone) and through the door opposite the one you came in.
The back wall of the room is a very steep incline going up. It's tough, but it is possible to climb it. I almost always levitate up, but trying to climb at the sides is usually more successful than trying in the center. Go around the corner at the top and you'll come to a room that looks like a maze. The door you pass is where the other Walkthru will hook into this one. There are three wraiths in the room. Don't go through any doors. You'll want to take the opening that has a ramp leading down on your left and right and a corridor in front. Take the ramp down (It doesn't matter which one -- they both go to the same place and both have a vampire on them). Kill the vampire and keep going down.
Taking the stairs down at the tapestry, you'll come to a room with two square pillars and a ghost. One of the pillars will have a lever on each side of it. Pull the two that have banners across from them (the east and west sides of the pillar). Don't pull any others (unless you want to mess with a Vampire Ancient). Go to the doorway that has a banner with a gold bull next to it. Go through that and out the other door. You'll see stairs leading up. There will be two wraiths on the stairs.
There will be a Lich waiting for you at the top. Sometimes you can get him to follow you down the stairs to the room with the movable walls. If you can do this, you can pin him on the other side of a wall and fill him full of arrows. If not, swing your sword and do it the old-fashioned way. Go through the doorway and Medora will be right in front of you.

Medora will be most happy to help you lay Lysandus' ghost to rest. But she's locked in the tower and can't do much. You need to retrieve a Unicorn's Horn from Nulfaga and bring it back to her. If you enjoyed the trip to Medora, cheer up. You'll get to do it a few more times.