The Shrine

From the room where you appear, go out the door and head south. There is an elevator to the north (more on this later). When you head out into the big chamber you'll see a pathway going around a big upside down mountain with an upside down shrine on it (no, your monitor isn't going funny). You need to open the east door of the shrine and pull the lever. Then go around to the west door and pull the lever.
Then go around to the south door and click on the big blue obelisk to teleport to the next section. There is a Frost Daedra behind the north door if you want to pick up a few GPs before teleporting.
If you take the elevator down, you'll run into a couple of critters in the hallway and a few treasure piles in the room at the end. You can use the elevator platforms here to take you up to the shrine above.
If you're really in the mood for some exploration, there are a few critters on the floor of the chamber. Have fun, but you'll need a "Levitate" to get off the floor.

From Jormungandr (16 March 2006): [this is done no differently than normal.]