The Pyramid

"Levitate" makes this section a whole lot easier. There is only one place where you must have it, but if you have the magica to spare, "Levitate" instead of using the elevators. From where you appear, go out the door and you'll find an elevator to the north. There is an Ancient Lich on the pyramid above you if you want to take care of it now rather than later. Take the elevator down.
You will arrive at the head of a path of floating stones that leads to an opening in a large island. There are two vampires and a Vampire Ancient on the island. Clicking on the two "groaning" headstones opens trapdoors inside the big pyramid. Click gently because it's possible to open and close a trapdoor with a single click. Clicking on the white headstone tells you about some guy named Benefactor, "whose body guards the way". The lever at the front of the chamber in the island controls an elevator down to the next stone path. The lever at the back opens a passage at the top of this big room. Take the elevator down to the next path of stones, dispose of the lich and ride the elevator at the end all of the way to the top.
Above you on the north wall is an opening. Levitate up to it. There are no critters here. Just a guy that looks like an assassin. Click on him and he asks you to say his name. Type, "Benefactor" and he'll open the top of the big pyramid. Go back out to the opening and head for the big pyramid.
If you didn't take care of the Ancient Lich earlier, he's going to be waiting for you. Once you take care of him, ride the elevator down into the pyramid. There will be two critters waiting for you at the bottom. If you clicked carefully on the groaning headstones, the trapdoor in the NE corner of the room will be open. Step on the elevator and go down.
There is a critter in the room at the end of the hall, but the door is frequently locked, so you might not have to worry about it. Drop down the shaft to the next room.
If you clicked carefully on the groaning headstones, the trapdoor in this room will be open. If not, you'll have to go out and do it again. If it's open, jump down the hole to be teleported to the next section.

Again, anything you knocked off of one of the islands can likely be found on the floor of this chamber.

From Jormungandr (16 March 2006): Save your game frequently in this area, I had to reload a few times before I got all this right. If you happen to fall down to the bottom level, head to the east wall and try to climb back up to the entrance to the chamber. Sidestepping will cause you to stop climbing and move in that direction (remember that, useful information it is!). You can use this to get back to the beginning. Or you can just reload that save ;P

Now, Exit the corridor you're in and hop onto the elevator on your right. This elevator will take you down to a set of stones, but where you want to be is on that island "gravyard" with the vamps. So it's your task to jump ship early and land on the graveyard. Kill the vamps. I don't know exactly which does what, so simply click on each headstone once and ONLY once.

Now, do you see the series of stones that you would be at if you stayed on the elevator? Try to jump down onto them at some point. Follow them down until you can enter the chamber inside the graveyard. Enter and pull the lever that is on the opposite side of the chamber from where you entered. The lever at the entrance controls an elevator. Hop on and ride it down. I hope you're good at jumping. And I hope you save a lot, because these next few stones are a pain to traverse without that damnable levitation we so stupidly decided not to do this with! Make your way across the stones to the elevator at the end. Ride it to the top. I hope you're good at climbing!

You are now at one of those "You must have levitation" points. Bullocks, I say. Looking up at the north wall, you'll see an opening. You must get to that opening. Can't levitate to that door, so we'll have to climb.

Luckily, you can start a climb from midair; that is: while falling. Position yourself carefully on the elevator such that you are directly in front of the opening and perpendicular to the wall. Now walk off the edge of the elevator! You will fall a little, probably take a smidge of damage, and then start climbing up the wall without losing much altitude. If you did this well, you will climb right into the opening. "Levitation required" my shoe!

Follow the passage and tell ol' "Benefactor" his name. Then return to the opening. Make sure you're fully healed and run out of the door such that you'll fall onto the pyramid. Try to land as high up as you can, so that you take less damage from the fall. Falling hurts, you know.

You're now on the pyramid, and the top is open. Assuming you clicked on the headstones properly, you should be free to go.