Putting Lysandus to Rest

**CAUTION** Save the game before doing this quest and DO NOT overwrite the saved game until you actually see the animation telling you that Lysandus is resting peacefully. There is a major random bug that does not trip the necessary flags after you complete these last two quests. Until those flags are tripped, you will not be able to so the Totem quest. If you have a saved game at this point, you can run fixsave on it and (usually) get those flags set to trip properly. Yes, it means having to repeat two quests, but it's better than the alternative.

How you kill the month is up to you. Personally, I either anchor a "Recall" outside of Medora's tower (you're asking for trouble if you try to teleport INTO anything), then find some location that will take me 30 days travel time, go there, and teleport back to get the dust. Or I travel 15 days away and then travel back (Daggerfall is 19 days).

There is apparently no time limit on picking up the dust. I've run as much as 45 days past the end of the month and still been able to get the dust. If you're 10th level, you would be wise to be prepared for a fight before taking this one on. There are some very nasty critters keeping Lysandus company.

There are three ways to get the location of Lysandus' Tomb. First, you can successfully complete the quest for the Underking. Upon delivering the item from Castle Llugwych to the Underking's agent, the tomb will be marked on your map for you. Second, you can talk to Elysana in the Wayrest Court. The quest to escort her cousin will net you a string of assassins, one of whom will have a note with the location of the tomb. The third method is to cheat. There are two ways of doing this: you can either use the cheatmode keystroke (<ctrl>+f1) to put all dungeons on your map and then look for it in the Menevia Province or you can travel south (overland) from Westcastle. You'll get there eventually.

Here's a curious one: Lysandus was king of Daggerfall, fought over Betony and died in Anticlere. Why is he buried in Menevia? Personally, I think it was the result of a random dart toss at Bethesda. Travel to the tomb and be prepared for a LONG walk.

Make sure you've got the dust before you go into the tomb. Many is the over-eager/greedy player who sold it off and then couldn't finish.

You'll enter the tomb in a large room with statuary on both sides and two doors at the other end. Go through the door on the left. Follow the passage around and take the first opening on the left (north). Follow this corridor through a door and keep going until you get to a floating skull. Click on it and you'll be teleported to another room.
Go out through the door in front of you. Follow this new passage, not going through any side doors. If you did not anchor a "Recall" somewhere, you will need to come back to this room to get out of the tomb.
When you get to a door to the west (left) and an opening to the east (right), go right, up the ramp (watch out for the pit at the top) and onward until you come to a door.
Go through the door, turn left (east), and follow the passage. Take the first right (east) passageway and go down. When you get to the 4-way intersection, go right (north).
Go east at the T-intersection and through the door.
Turn left and follow the passage, turn only when the passage does and stop when you get to the first door to your left. Go through this door.
At the T-intersection, go left (north). At the 4-way intersection, go right (east). Follow the passage around, go through any doors in front of you, go through the next 4-way and go through the first door on your left (east). Critters will be jumping out of the rooms that you pass.
This new passage is very long. Turn right at the second T-intersection, then go left at the next T-intersection. The passage will end at an elevator. Pull the lever and ride it.
OK. Now to get you to Lysandus, himself. The entrance to the tomb is right behind the wall at the top of the elevator. Too bad there is no "Passwall" spell in Daggerfall. Follow the passage around (critters behind all but the last two doors). Take the next elevator down and pull the lever that you find at the bottom. Now go back up and enter the tomb.
There will be three critters to your right when you enter this big room. In the southeastern big pillar, there is now an open door with a lever behind it. Pull the lever and the middle of the room will start to drop down. Run and jump on it before it gets too far down.
There will be a couple of critters at the bottom, but usually they manage to fall into the pit under the elevator. Lysandus is in the big coffin at the north. Pretty fancy digs for someone who was buried on the sly.
If you have the Dust in your inventory when you click on Lysandus' coffin, you should get a nifty animation where Lysandus tells you who killed him and how to put him to rest (the answer to "whodunit?" is "Lord Woodborne of Wayrest" -- the mysterious "W." giving the assassins their instructions).

Getting back out again is another long walk. Go all of the way back to the room where you appeared after clicking the skull. If you go through the other door, you will get to another floating skull. Clicking on it will teleport you back near the entrance.