Mynisera (The Courier)

You must be at least 5th level to be offered this quest. So now you have to go talk to Mynisera and get her side of the story. She's at Daggerfall Castle, too.

The Main Hall at Daggerfall Castle

Mynisera's room is below and to the right of the stairs leading up to the throne. And the guards probably haven't learned their lessons about messing with you, so they will most likely try to attack you after you leave the room.

Mynisera (the lady to the left -- looks kinda like Elizabeth II, doesn't she?) tells you that she never received the letter (surprise!), but is curious as to how it came to be delivered to Aubk-i in the first place. So she sends you to track down the courier who delivered it. She gives you a ring to prove you are working for her. You have some traveling to do to get to the the real courier, but it is not too difficult. Just a matter of timing.

You have to speak to the person in charge of the couriers. Mynisera will give you his/her name and location. When you talk to him/her, you must have the Queen's ring. He/She will tell you where the courier is located. From there it is just a matter of being in the right town at the right time. There will be two different time limits for this one - the date the person gives you and the date that appears in your log. Go with the date in your log. As of the v.212/v.213 upgrade, this still had not been fixed. If you go with the time limit from the conversation, the courier will not be there (you will be about a week early).

After talking to the courier (who will give you an item to show to Mynisera), return to Daggerfall and talk to Mynisera again (and beat up on uppity guards again - these guys just never seem to learn). She will give you some interesting comments about Lysandus' burial and about Wayrest. She will also let you keep the item as your reward.