Knights Guild Quests

Non-Member Quests:

"There is a traitor to the order in <dungeon>..." (any rep): off to the dungeon to take care of the bad guy. Not only do you get a boost to your rep with the Order, but you should also get the location of another dungeon marked on your map as a reward.

"I don't trust you. You are not a member of our order..." (any rep): you're looking for a critter with a brun mark on its back. Hunt it down and kill it.

"...bandit band of orcs..." (any rep): Usually you're looking for an Orc Warlord, sometimes an Orc Shaman. It's a standard dungeon crawl (unless the dungeon happens to be full of orcs).

"I own a building that is infested with creatures..." (any rep): very similar to the "Orkin Man" quests from the Fighters Guild. The critters are usually rats or bats and there are 7 to 10 of them. You are supposed to get a message telling you when you have cleaned out the house, but there are usually two or three critters that appear after the message, so stick around just to be on the safe side. I find this quest to be good Hand-to-Hand practice.  Watch out for hitting the entrance door or you'll bring the guards down on you.

Member Quests:

"The Princess <name> has been captured..." (any rep): a kidnapped Princess. What more could a budding Knight want? How about a budding Knight that also belongs to one of the shadier organizations in the Bay? Perish the thought of their interfering in this quest. If you're concerned about conflicting loyalties, you should get a note telling you to go ahead and take care of the kidnapper without fear of retribution.

"We have a traitor in the order..." (any rep): exactly the same as the non-member quest, above, except no map (you're a member, so it's expected that you do this for honor, not reward).

"The order has been told of a crazed orc mercenary..." (rep 10 or more): a standard dungeon crawl. If everything goes well, you should get a note that will lead you to a reward for completing the quest.

"...there is a bandit band of orcs holed up around here..." (rep 20 or more): same as the non-member quest, above.

"A powerful band of orcs has been raiding caravans..." (rep 40 or more): standard dungeon crawl.

"I have gotten word of a <critter> raiding farms...." (rep 40 or more): standard dungeon crawl except that you're looking for a particular critter with a bear claw branded on its arm. The critter is supposed to be a Giant.

"...Someone needs to go out and banish the Ghost..." (rep 50 or more): that someone is you.  It's a standard dungeon crawl. You'll get a message when you kill the right Ghost.

"It seems <name> just read about an ancient family curse..." (rep 60 or more): there's an undead somewhere in the dungeon (as if it weren't crawling with them already). Standard dungeon crawl. You'll get a message when you kill the right one.

"The Mages Guild has discovered a rift..." (rep 70 or more): the only quest where the guild will actually reward you for completing it because it's a hoax. There is supposed to be one Daedroth for you to kill. If you're high-level, though, you may have to kill several before you find the right one.

"I just got word that a dragon has been spotted..." (rep 70 or more): standard dungeon crawl with a Dragonling as the quest object. This is the only Dragonling that can be successfully soul-trapped and used in an item-maker.

"A rumor has surfaced as to the whereabouts of an ancient artifact of power..." (rep 71 or more): this can lead to Auriel's Shield, Auriel's Bow or the Lord's Mail depending on how the random numbers fall out. You must track down a witch in a dungeon. The witch wants you to kidnap her granddaughter from a palace in another town in return for the information leading to the artifact. The witch has the standard menu, so you can probably get her to summon a random Daedra if you're toting that kind of loot. When you return with the child, the witch will direct you to another dungeon where you will find the artifact. This is difficult because the artifacts look like regular dungeon dressing, so you'll need to click on almost everything in order to pick it up. It will be in a regular quest object location if you want to use the teleport cheat to get to it.

"A lich is raising an army of undead..." (rep 80 or more): standard dungeon crawl, but go prepared for a lich as your object.

"A lich is raising an army of undead..." (rep 81 or more): this is the artifact quest for Chrysamere, Necromancer's Amulet, Warlock's Ring or Staff of Magnus, depending on the random numbers. How do you tell the difference between the two quests? When you kill the lich, you'll find a parchment on a green background that leads you to a second dungeon. In that second dungeon you'll find an NPC who will direct you to yet a third dungeon where you must put a Ghost to rest. After completing that task, you must go to a particular Mages Guild where you will find the object. Look carefully because these look like regular dungeon dressing and can easily be overlooked.