The Basics of Dungeon-Crawling

Throughout the next section on "Questing", you will encounter the phrase "standard dungeon crawl." This section will define the term and provide a few techniques to help your character navigate the dungeons successfully.

The term "standard dungeon crawl" derives from the most common kinds of quests you undertake. When you accept a quest, you accept a mission to accomplish something. This commonly involves venturing into the depths of some dungeon to kill or rescue an NPC or to retrieve some object. In this context, a "standard dungeon crawl" means "go to the designated dungeon, enter, find the quest object (an item or an NPC), do to the object whatever is required, exit the dungeon, report back to the NPC who assigned you the quest." I find it a lot easier to just say "standard dungeon crawl" than to repeat all of those instructions for every quest.

So let's take those steps, one at a time, and see how to accomplish them.

Finding the Dungeon

Entering the Dungeon

Finding the Quest Object

A Few Tricks for Dungeoneering

Doing Your Thing and Getting Out Again