Contacting the Perpetrator

After wading through all of this material, browsing the maps and (hopefully) making some sort of sense of my writing, you might still have questions that need answering. If so, gentle reader, please feel free to e-mail me. To my knowledge, I have never failed to respond to a game-related question (though I have been known to say, "Beats me" a few times).

marstinson (at-sign) hotmail-dot-com

Thanks to web-bots that sniff out email addresses on web pages, I have removed the email link, so you will have to manually type in the address. Hopefully this will cut down on the amount of junk that keeps clogging up my mailbox. My Spam filters are set moderately tight, so stuff sometimes gets tossed into the Junk folder by accident. Please stick "TES2" or "Daggerfall" somewhere in the subject line so I can sort the wheat from the chaff.

There are two Daggerfall discussion group still active on the Usenet: and I use the word "active" reluctantly because most of the posts on these groups are spam and worse. However, there are a few people still active on those groups. If your ISP hosts a news server, you might be able to subscribe through your newsreader rather than having to go through Google Groups.

Bethesda's Elder Scrolls site has a forum for Past Games. I'm not terribly active on that forum anymore due to other commitments, but all questions will get an answer.

I hope you found this site enjoyable and informative and I wish you the best of luck and enjoyment in Tamriel.