"Daggerfall", "The Elder Scrolls", "Tamriel" and all the rest of that stuff are either registered trademarks of or copyrighted by Bethesda Softworks, Inc. (ask them which one -- I'm not a lawyer so I have no idea which is which). The author (that's me) makes no claims to any part, piece or pixel of the game, the music, the images or any of the rest of that (except for my very own registered copy of the game, subject to the license agreement contained therein -- sound like a lawyer, don't I?). This whole site pretty much falls under the "fair use" and "commentary" exceptions to the copyright laws, so I should be pretty safe.

The music and most of the maps showing the locations of the Witches Covens were made available to the public by Bethesda about the time of Daggerfall's release (a couple of them are my own creation). Your guess is as good as mine as to whether Bethesda's are freely distributable or not. All other images were produced or substantially modified by me and you can put them next to your toilet for all that I care except that I'd appreciate a credit if you're going to use them somewhere else.

Except for materials attributed to someone else, the rest of this stuff (that means the writing) is mine, mine, all mine. And subject to my own dubious copyright, you can bend, fold, spindle and mutilate it to your heart's content (but if you're going to copy it, at least do me the courtesy of giving me credit for it).