The Links Page

What website would be complete without a links page? These are links to a few of the Daggerfall sites out on the web. Each of them has a links page, too, so you can spend a few days browsing the cyber-world of Tamriel in various forms.

20 July 2009: I checked all of the links and they are live. I removed dead ones, most from old friends who have apparently moved on to other things and one site that is still up, no longer being updated and hosting malicious code (I'm guessing he got hacked). In checking the fan-sites page at, I find that my site and UESP are the only two of the original Daggerfall sites left, so there is something to be said for longevity.
Bethesda Softworks The wonderful folks who brought you this fine game.
Daggerfall: An Enthusiast's Guide Quite a bit of info that I didn't include here because I didn't think it was important or because I flat-out missed it.
The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Page Probably the most thorough treatment of the game on the net. Links to just about every third-party utility and editor available.
The Imperial Library One of the most thorough treatments of the world of Tamriel. It includes all of the books from all of the games as well as backstory and other oddities.
v.213 patch If you don't have it, get it. Trust me, you'll need it. Download it into your \dagger directory and run it. It will take care of everything else. This patch is included with the free download version of Daggerfall from Bethesda. The other utilities are not.
Fixsave Utility A more recent version of Fixsave than the one included with the v.213 patch. Unzip it into your \dagger directory.
CompUSA AddQuest The additional quests included in the CompUSA version of the game. Just unzip it into your \dagger\arena2 directory.
Reputation Editor A small DOS utility that lets you read and edit the factions.txt file in your saved games. Unzip it into your \dagger directory.
The Guide You asked for it, you got it (okay, it took a couple of years, but it's done). The Beginner's Guide to Daggerfall (all 294 pages of it) in downloadable, printable .doc format. Needs Word97, Word2000 or a converter. About a 3.25 Mb download.
Me Knew I forgot something. Yes, I still answer email.