The Books

Speaking as an historian (my degree is in History), the perpetual question is "How did this condition develop?" Unlike any other CRPG, "Daggerfall" provides a society with a rich background. This background is supplied in the form of books and treatises on various aspects of history and society, including many humorous pieces. As you will discover, Tamriel did not just spring into existence from nothing. It is replete with histories, legends, myths and all of the things you would expect to find in any society.

There are 90 books available in the game (not including the German version of Arkay, The God). You can find them as treasure, read them in Libraries or Guildhalls, or buy them from Bookstores, Pawnshops or General Stores. Some have useful information, but most are simply to provide background and atmosphere to the game. The following table of links will bring up the text of all of the books available in the game, plus works composed by players.

There is one work, a fragment from the "Book of Bugs," which is not listed here. I wrote it and posted it to the "Daggerfall" discussion group on AOL about 2 years ago, but neglected to retain a copy (or inadvertently deleted it). Written in Biblical style, it was a humorous attempt to explain the problem of the crates and boxes in player houses that kept gobbling treasures and the attempts by the programmers at Bethesda to deal with it. If anyone out there has a copy, I would really appreciate your sending it to me so I can include it here.

If anyone would like to submit their own work, I will be happy to consider it for inclusion on this page (as long as it is in keeping with the guidelines of Hometown AOL).

The Books of the Game (from \arena2\books)

The First Scroll of Baan Dar
The Madness of Pelagius
The Healer's Tale
A Tale of Kieran
The Real Barenziah
Of Jephre
Fragment: On Artaeum
The Real Barenziah, Part II
Fools' Ebony, Part the Oneth
The Wild Elves
The Real Barenziah, Part III
Fools' Ebony, Part the Twoth
Redguards, History and Heroes
The Real Barenziah, Part IV
Fools' Ebony, Part the Threeth
Ark'ay The God
The Real Barenziah, Part V
Fools' Ebony, Part the Fourth
The Faerie
The Real Barenziah, Part VI
Fools' Ebony, Part the Fiveth
Oelander's Hammer
The Real Barenziah, Part VII
Fools' Ebony, Part the Sixth
The Pig Children
The True Barenziah, Part VIII
Etiquette With Rulers
The Old Ways
The Real Barenziah, Part IX
Invocation of Azura
The Real Barenziah, Part X
The Arrowshot Woman
A Scholar's Guide to Nymphs
On Oblivion
Banker's Bet
The MemoryStone
The Sage
The War of Betony
Legal Basics
The Light and the Dark
The War of Betony
The Brothers of Darkness
Confessions of a Thief
The Alik'r
Special Flora of Tamriel
Vampires of the Iliac Bay, Part I
Divad the Singer
Brief History of the Empire, Part I
Vampires of the Iliac Bay, Part II
Notes For Redguard History
Brief History of the Empire, Part II
Biography of Queen Barenziah, Vol. I
Biography of Queen Barenziah, Vol. III
Brief History of the Empire, Part III
Biography of Queen Barenziah, Vol. II
King Edward, Part I
Brief History of the Empire, Part IV
A History of Daggerfall
King Edward, Part 2
The Epic of the Grey Falcon
A Dubious Tale of the Crystal Tower
King Edward, Part III
Holidays of the Iliac Bay
An Overview of Gods and Worship
King Edward, Part IV
Broken Diamonds
Wayrest, Jewel of the Bay
King Edward, Part V
The Legend of Lovers Lament
King Edward, Part VI
On Lycanthropy
Galerion the Mystic
King Edward, Part VII
The Story of Lyrisius
The Ebon Arm
King Edward, Part VIII
Origin of the Mages Guild
Rude Song
King Edward, Part IX
The Asylum Ball
Mara's Tear
King Edward, Part X
King Edward, Part XI
The Fall of the Usurper
Ius, Animal God
King Edward, Part XII

Player Compositions

A Dubious Tale
(by yours truly)
The Tale of the Broken Beer Keg
(by Tarald, Lord of Smeg)