Item Powers

The aim of creating a magic item is to have it do something you need done (unless you just like seeing the swirly animation on your inventory screen). There are a variety of powers you can add to an item. Some are handier than others, some are costlier than others. The following tables list the powers that can be added and the cost in Enchantment Points (EP's). The cost in GP is ten times the EP cost. For example, an item with 1750 EP in powers would cost 17,500 GP. You may add no more than 8 powers or side effects and the total number of powers and side effects may not exceed 10. So you may give your item 8 powers and 2 side effects or 8 side effects and 2 powers (if you're truly masochistic) or something in between as long as there are no more than 10 total.