As part of the character generation process, you can choose to answer 12 questions which will develop your character more fully. The questions were designed to flesh out your character concept by increasing certain skills, changing your rep with certain factions and placing items in your inventory. Each of the pre-made classes has its own questionaire. If you have chosen to create a custom class, the questionaire will come from the class that your class comes closest to in terms of skills.

Be careful in answering the questions about equipment. It is possible to start the game with a lot of equipment that you cannot use (for example, a Barbarian with a lot of plate armor), so keep your class restrictions in mind when you answer these questions.

For the sake of brevity, I have not included each questionaire. 18 classes times 12 questions plus all the possible answers and effects equals a lot of typing. So your questionaire will not look exactly like what follows. Your questions will be phrased a little differently or you might not have all of the listed responses as choices. But this will give you a good idea of what happens when you answer the questions.

1. Which school of magic have you been studying the longest?

2. What motivates you into a life of adventure?

3. In between formal study, you spent your time ___

4. Since childhood you have saved ___

5. In gratitude for services rendered, the Emperor gave you ___

6. As you grew older you received additional training in ___

7. As a child, your nickname was ___

8. You are friendlier than most with ____

9. Of all disagreeable types, you have the most personal hatred for ___

10. You are intimate friends with _____

11. What god, if any, do you worship?

12. You have the most trouble ____

13. You spend any free time you have training with ___

14. (Healer) After the school of Restoration what magic have you been studying the longest?

15. What thieving skill have you been studying the longest?

16. Where is your expertise in combat?

17. Before you set out for the Imperial City, your mother gave you ___

18. Given your choice of reward, you would choose ____

19. At an early age, your family considered it important that you learn how to ___

20. You were an active child, ___ than anyone else your age.

21. You can get most of the things you want by stealing from ___.

22. The one skill you could not work without must be ___

23. Though certainly not due to hard work, you happen to legitimately own ___

24. Your preferred criminal method is ___.

25. (Archer) Besides the bow and arrow, you are best at ___.

26. You feel most comfortable ___.

27. You are most fond of using ____.