It is possible to hack the appropriate file to change the effects of your answers. The questionaires are in the \Arena2 subdirectory in the format "Biog#t0.txt" where # is the class number of the questionaire. Each class has its own questionaire. What follows is a list of the codes which are used in these files.

Questionaire Codes: (BiogXXt0.txt - where XX is one of the following)

Reputation codes:

Skill codes: (Caution!!! Your level [and consequently your hit points] is determined by a formula which records your starting skills levels. If you increase your starting skills, you will permanently handicap your character. If you're going to mess with skills, mess with your Miscellaneous Skills since they aren't used in determining your level)

Item codes:

Each item that can be placed in your inventory has a code to identify it. The code is in the format "IT (#a) (#b) (#c)" where "#a" designates the category of the item, "#b" designates the item within the category and "#c" designates the material. By replacing the existing codes in the appropriate questionaire it is possible to equip yourself with whatever you want in the way of weapons and armor from the start.  If you are going to add multiple items, use "copy" and "paste" so that you get the spacing right, otherwise it won't work.  Except for helmets and shields, it does not appear to be possible to equip yourself with silver armor through this process.  Everything else seems to work OK, though. 

Categories: 2=armor, 3=weapons, 7=book, 10=religious item, 25=jewelry, and it's anybody's guess as to what falls in the middle.

Materials: 0=iron, 1=steel, 2=silver, 3=elven, 4=dwarven, 5=mithril, 6=adamantium, 7=ebony, 8=orcish, 9=daedric

The following are the items that various answers to the standard questionaires will place in your inventory.