Warlock's Ring

Description:  The Warlock's Ring of the Arch-Mage Syrabane is one of the most popular relics of myth and fable. In Tamriel's ancient history, Syrabane saved all of the continent by judicious use of his Ring, and ever since, it has helped adventurers with less lofty goals. It is best known for its ability to reflect spells cast at its wearer and to improve his or her speed and health, though it may have additional powers. No adventurer can wear the Warlock's Ring for long, for it is said the Ring is Syrabane's alone to command.

Powers:  Shalidor's Mirror, Heal, and Feet of Notorgo

Comments:  This one is well worth the effort.  Shalidor's Mirror is a hyped Spell Reflection and very workable.  If you're not a knight, you can get this artifact by giving the Totem to Lady Brisienna (you'll need something like this in the Mantellan Crux, anyway).