Hircine Ring

Daedra Prince:  Hircine

Summoning Date:  5th of Mid-Year or any date by Glenmorial Coven

Description:  The curse of lycanthropy has its advantages. The incredible strength, speed, ferocity of a werebeast make it a fearsome opponent. There are, of course, disadvantages. The bearer of the Hircine Shield can choose when to be a lycanthrope and when not. Essentially this gives him all the advantages with few of the negatives.

Comments:  The Glenmorial Witches will only summon Hircine, but they will do it on any day.  So if you're shaggy, in need of help, have a couple of hundred thou' to spare, and stumble across one of their covens, you're set.  The Ring (actually a Buckler Shield that occupies a ring slot) allows the wearer to assume wereform at will and it removes the need to feed on the innocent.  If you are not a Lycanthrope, the Ring will do nothing for you.