Description:  Chrysamere, the Paladin's Blade and Sword of Heroes, is an ancient claymore with offensive capabilities only surpassed by its defenses. It lends the wielder health, protects him or her from fire, and reflects any deletory spells cast against the wielder back to the caster. Seldom has Chrysamere been wielded by a bladesman for any length of time, for it chooses not to favor one champion.

Powers:  Claymore with Heal, Resist Fire and Shalidor’s Mirror

Comments:  Chrysamere is a very handy artifact for warrior-types.  Classes which do not have high skills in Long Blade will find it much less useful, though it is very nice to look at (kind of a cool crystal aquamarine, though it looks like an enchanted steel weapon when you use it).  The Heal and Shalidor's Mirror (a high-power Spell Reflection) can be a lifesaver for low and mid-level characters and virtually undefeatable for higher levels.