Auriel's Bow

Description: Auriel's Bow appears as a modest Elven Longbow, but it is one of the mightiest ever to exist in Tamriel's history. Allegedly created and used, like its sister Auriel's Shield, by the great Elvish demi-god, the Bow can turn any arrow into a missile of death and destruction. Without Auriel's power behind it, however, the bow uses its own store of energy for its power. Once exhausted of this energy, the bow will vanish and reappear whereever chance puts it. Its most recent appearances have been the subject of gossip for hundreds of years.

Powers: Sleep, Lightning and Magica Leech

Comments: I've never been too impressed with Sleep or Lightning and Magica Leech doesn't seem to work on my system. If the saving throw is failed, Sleep takes too long to do any good. And I've never been too successful with Lightning. All in all, the effects are just too iffy for the effort expended.